Non-Stop Surgeries After Quarantine

Non-Stop Surgeries After Quarantine

On Episode 105 of No Spin Live, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Ashley Gordon and Dr. Ned Snyder IV of Austin, Texas and Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Indianapolis discuss the “interesting” summer their practices have had in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic isn’t yet over, and some states are experiencing a second wave, restrictions loosened in early summer and allowed surgeons back into the OR. Interesting, their practices are BOOKED. Dr. Gordon claims she hasn’t done as many mommy makeovers in a summer as she’s done during this one, and Drs. Snyder and Van Natta agree.

The surge in patients seeking plastic surgery may surprise some initially, but there’s cause for the rush to surgeons’ offices. The major one is most people are suddenly working from home now and for the extended future. What does this mean for plastic surgery? The perfect time to recover from surgery. With most plastic surgery procedures, such as breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, and facelifts, come a period of downtime. Whether this means you’re physically restricted, can’t drive, or are looking “beat up” from facial surgery, normally patients take off work or select a time during the holidays from which they can recover for a week or two at home. Now, since we’re all at home, patients can recover whenever they’d like. Meaning they can have surgery whenever they like. Meaning this summer has been wild for surgeons!

For this and more, check out the experts on Episode 105 of No Spin Live.

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