Peter B. Fodor, MD

Peter B. Fodor, MD


As the Past President of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and long time member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Peter B. Fodor, MD, FACS has expertise in a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Peter B. Fodor is an international leader in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is highly respected as a teacher, surgeon and author. His Los Angeles plastic surgery practice, Century Aesthetics®, serves patients from around the United States and around the world.  He also practices part time in Aspen Colorado.

Dr. Peter Fodor and the staff at Century Aesthetics offer a wide variety of procedures to meet the diverse needs of patients seeking cosmetic surgery. His patients come from  Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and surrounding communities as well as from other parts of the United States and from around the world. From injectable treatments, like BOTOX® and Juvederm injections,  chemical peels, to more involved operations, such as facial rejuvenation and body sculpting, Dr. Fodor has the training, experience and talent required to achieve the most optimal results.

He is a firm believer that the initial consultation and subsequent preoperative visits are of great importance to a successful experience with cosmetic surgery. Dr. Fodor and his staff conduct a thorough preoperative evaluation for each patient, address the patient’s aesthetic goals in detail before selecting the best surgical plan and techniques. In this way he provides a custom-tailored approach that best fits each patient’s individual needs.

We are confident that the professional environment and the personal care provided by Dr. Fodor and his staff will make your cosmetic surgery experience with Dr.Fodor a rewarding one.

Peter B. Fodor, MD.
Peter B. Fodor, MD


Phone: 310-203-9818

Address: 2080 Century Park East
, Suite 1511, 
Los Angeles, California, 90067

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