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PSC Uncut – Breast Augmentation – Can it be too Big?

PSC Uncut – Breast Augmentation – Can it be too Big?

Breast Augmentation – the  world most popular cosmetic procedure — but is bigger really better? Some surgeons think they have to use  big implants to have happy patients…

breast augmentation photoThis  segment of PSC Uncut  discussed what happens when  you go  too big and  what we know about  selecting implants.   William P. Adams Jr. MD and   Dan Delvecchio MD square off and   you will be interested in what you find out.

What is really important for  patients to know is that the results for a breast augmentation are best when an implant that fits the breast is used.    This called  tissue-based planning.   See  what  Drs  Adams and Delvecchio have to say.

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PSC Uncut

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