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Can Any Medical Doctor Perform Plastic Surgery?

Can Any Medical Doctor Perform Plastic Surgery?

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 “Houston, we have a problem!”

The uncut question is can any doctor perform plastic surgery?  With a multitude of medical doctors entering the lucrative field of plastic surgery, plastic surgeons Dr. Jason Pozner and Dr. Brian Reagan warn patients they should only look to board certified plastic surgeons when considering a cosmetic procedure.  In this edition of PSC Uncut, these world renowned experts talk candidly and in-depth about the benefits of pursuing a board certified plastic surgeon for your cosmetic procedures.

Patients need to understand the facts to avoid potential disaster!

While anyone with a medical license can technically perform plastic surgery, board certified plastic surgeons are the only ones who have been highly trained to understand a patient’s situation and utilize the vast array of new surgical and non surgical technologies to best help the patient and keep them safe.  “As plastic surgeons, we are the only society recognized to perform cosmetic surgery on all parts of the body,” states Dr. Reagan of San Diego, California.


Botox Injection

Who is qualified to do injectables?

In the case of injectables, many types of medical doctors can correctly perform the non-surgical procedures. “I really can’t argue that the ER doctor who went to medical school for 4 years shouldn’t use Botox,” says Dr. Pozner of Boca Raton, Florida. “However, I would prefer the patient come to me for my expertise in the field and to receive a more thorough opinion on what needs to be done.”

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