Ultherapy Keeps You Out of the OR with Real Skin Tightening Results

Ultherapy Keeps You Out of the OR with Real Skin Tightening Results

As inundated as the plastic surgery realm is with modern technology, The Plastic Surgery Channel has devoted a segment to learning about new devices. In the first PSC Tech segment, Drs. Stafford Broumand and Christine Hamori discuss Ultherapy, an ultrasound-based non-invasive technology that claims to not only tighten facial skin but build new collagen and elastin, all without surgery. 

By Stafford R. Broumand, MD
and Adam McMillon

Ulthera-diagram1What can you do that doesn’t hurt, is non-invasive and delivers great results?

For those patients looking for an option to rejuvenate their face without down time or surgery, Ultherapy, and the ultrasound energy that powers it, seems to be a legitimate answer. “Today is a great day to be a plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Broumand. “We have new technologies that are non-invasive with no down time. Patients can come in, have the procedure, and get tightening and lifting of their skin.”

Ultherapy works by heating certain layers of the skin through ultrasound energy. The heat causes the skin in the targeted areas to contract, causing tightening of facial skin in the region. Such a result could formerly only be achieved through surgery and anesthesia. “Before, we only relied on surgery,” says Broumand. “The option was a procedure done under anesthesia. Now, we can do things which don’t require downtime. Patients can come in during lunch time, have the procedure done and be on their way.”

Does it really work?

With digital screens promoting new technology, the latest craze and advertising everywhere we look, how can anyone trust something to truly live up to the hype? One way is to see results from someone who’s had the procedure… even better when that person is your surgeon! “I’ve had it done,” says Broumand. “It works well in any age group, it develops new collagen and elastin, tightening the skin and lifting the jawline and brow line. It’s a great new technology we can employ, that we didn’t have even a few years ago.”

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