Are the New, Fuller Implants Worthwhile?

Are the New, Fuller Implants Worthwhile?

Whether a patient is seeking a breast augmentation, revision, reconstruction or implant exchange, the latest silicone gel implant might be the perfect choice. The Natrelle® INSPIRA™ brand implants are filled with the same FDA approved silicone gel found in those currently on the market. The difference? There is simply more of it.

Dr. Laurie Casas recently moderated a roundtable on the subject of the recently FDA approved round implants. She was joined by Dr. Rob Whitfield, Dr. Steve Finical and Dr. Ned Snyder–all board certified plastic surgeons specializing in breast enhancement.

by Isabel Bolt
The Plastic Surgery Channel

Skinny Girls Celebrate

The new round implant was designed for increased fullness and a soft feel. Who is the most likely candidate to benefit from “more volume?” Dr. Steve Finical cites the difference in percentage fill. “Instead of 85% it is 95% filled.”   Some surgeons believe these implants ripples less, although this is yet to be proven.  However, the implant can be useful in many different patient types.


A More Aesthetic Reconstruction

Women having mastectomies can also benefit from the new round implant according to Dr. Ned Snyder. “For women who have little breast tissue to start with or those having a reconstruction, our only choice used to be the anatomical, or tear drop shape with cohesive gel. The higher fill makes this new implant more ideal.” Whitfield agrees. “On reconstruction patients it holds its shape better. It also makes rippling less obvious when a patient leans forward.”


The Perfect Implant?

The panel of doctors agree that direct marketing campaigns can sometimes confuse the patient more than inform. Beyond saline, silicone, or cohesive gel, there are other criteria to explore such as implant size, shape, texture, profile and “feel.” Dr. Finical says there is no perfect implant, only the implant that is perfect for a specific patient. “We might have a thicker catalog of implants to pick from…but it (all boils down to) the knowledge and application of a board certified plastic surgeon.”


The 3D imaging offered at Dr. Finical’s practice, is often the key in helping patients decide. Dr. Snyder admits his consultations often include a dose of myth vs. reality when a patient asks for a specific implant by name. “Part of what is confusing in direct to consumer marketing is that it’s very difficult for a patient to decipher what is really important to them. It’s more important for the doctor to know. All these options enhance the surgeon’s ability to choose the best course for each patient.”

The best choice for each patient is a balance between what aesthetic outcome is desired and what their breast measurements and tissue characteristics will allow. The final volume is determined by combining the base width that fits a patient’s chest with the projection desired–it is wholly dependent on body type and shape.

Multiple Choices

Dr. Casas posed the question: “Are women better off now?” A resounding “yes” from Dr. Whitfield. “Absolutely, we are constantly trying to push the envelope and give the best results. You take someone having a mastectomy and do immediate single stage implant based reconstruction, less invasively while covering it up with biologic mesh…so an implant that holds its shape and has more fill is going to give them a better body image after treatment. Or someone really thin who has an augmentation, or maybe they just always wanted a better shape. The more we have the more we can use.”

Dr. Casas agrees. “For me, having all these implants available is very exciting. We went for 13 years with very limited options, so hopefully these two new round implants will really help us.”

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