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The Neck is Getting Noticed

The Neck is Getting Noticed

We work and play in a world that is plugged in 24/7. Being accessible around the clock comes with a price for our skin and bodies. You’ve seen people hunched over their handheld devices, with shoulders curled up and thumbs whirling. That poor posture is creating a condition called “tech neck”. It’s caused by the extra straining that is brought on when we try to lean forward to see the screen better. It can leave a digital user, not only in pain, but wrinkled. As, Doctor Lou Bucky discusses the neck is no longer being ignored. There are new options on the horizon to help erase the signs of “tech neck” and so much more.

by Dawn Tongish
and Lou Bucky, MD

There’s a new condition being heaped on the digital world. Users of the world-wide-web are in a world of hurt with headaches and numbness in the arms because of too much straining over the small screen from handheld devices, but there’s another side effect. Portable device users are developing a crease just above the collar bone from repeated use. It’s being called, “tech neck” and it’s making people more aware of that area of their body. “Young and old people are spending so much of their time with their head down or looking at photos of themselves on their devices, that they can’t help but we aware of their neck,” says Doctor Lou Bucky. Dr. Bucky is a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says sagging jowls and wrinkled necks are happening to younger people because of the use of digital devices. The neck is no longer forgotten.

“The neck has had a lot of insurgence of attention lately.” – Lou Bucky, MD

Treatment Options – Kybella


The body part that used to be ignored is not longer in the shadows. Consumers are interested in having an attractive neck and that means treating it for “tech neck” and other maladies like moderate to severe fat on the upper neck. Doctor Bucky says there a vast array of solutions for varying cosmetic problems. “There is a wide array of treatments. It used to be the person with a full neck or weak chin would just come in for liposuction and now there are alternatives.”

One option is an injectable substance called Kybella. It is FDA-approved for the treatment of fat. It works by destroying fat cells and can be used to treat a double chin. Experts say it must be used correctly or it can destroy other cells, including skin cells. “Kybella is an injection that melts fat, but it needs to be done a few times.” Dr. Bucky says the perfect patient for Kybella is one who doesn’t mind repeat trips to the doctor’s office.

“The ideal patient is the person, who doesn’t want to go to the operating room, one who feels like they can just have an injection, and doesn’t mind coming back for a few treatment.”

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How About – Coolsculpting?

It isn’t new to use Coolsculpting to smooth lines and wrinkles on the body, but a new applicator is allowing consumers to see results on the neck. Zeltiq produced a smaller, more flexible applicator called the Coolsculpting Mini, that can be used to help reduce the fat underneath the chin. Doctor says he is excited about using the new, revolutionary tool to reshape necks. “We have a history of using Coolsculpting for contouring the body. The reality of all of these procedures that are used for contouring the body is that they can now be used for contouring the neck. I think that they go together.”

Doctors don’t usually remove fat from the face to try and maintain a youthful look. The Coolsculpting Mini has FDA clearance. It fits on the neck and there is no need for injections. Each application takes about an hour.

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Another Rejuvenation Technique – Intensif RF

The latest rejuvenation technology triggers the skin’s own natural healing process, reducing wrinkles and acne. Intensif RF uses a minimally invasive approach with very little downtime to stimulate effective skin remodeling. This treatment works on the neck area and on deep wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Doctor Bucky says it helps to fill in the blanks. “The missing piece has always been what do we do when we take the volume out. What happens to the skin? Dr. Bucky says laser wasn’t a good option. He says this new option is the best he’s seen.

“We have really embraced this process from EndyMed. It’s about micro needling and a little radio frequency to help tighten the skin.” The skin will continue to improve for an entire year after the treatments. It’s all about knowing the options. “I think if we really become very objective about it, we can identify the the best procedure for the right candidate and have the best outcomes.”

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