Tri-Coastal Plastic Surgery

Tri-Coastal Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ashley Gordon of Austin, Texas sat down with her colleagues Dr. Camille Cash of Houston and Dr. Richard Baxter of Seattle to discuss whether or not they’ve found regional differences when it comes to plastic surgery. Are Los Angeles, New York and Dallas really the epicenters of plastic surgery? Do patients in Houston or Austin want the same procedures or look as patients in Washington or Miami?

by Katherine Stuart
The Plastic Surgery Channel

Which Cities are Top Dog?

Dr. Gordon questioned her colleagues about “Tri-Coastal” plastic surgery: Are Los Angeles, New York and Dallas really the epicenters of plastic surgery? Not any longer, according to Dr. Cash. “I think as more and more Americans are embracing plastic surgery then you’re finding that plastic surgery is happening throughout the entire country.”

New York and LA have historically been the birth place of certain trends in plastic surgery since New York is the center for the fashion industry and LA is home to Hollywood. But now, “you’re finding that cities like Houston, Seattle and Atlanta are becoming major hubs as well for plastic surgery.” Dr. Baxter agrees:“I think people on the coast and sun belt states are more open about their procedures.” People in the northwest are definitely getting plastic surgery, but they’re more reserved. They prefer a more natural look than, say, a patient in Miami.

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Are There Regional Trends in Types of Procedures?

When it comes to breast augmentations in particular, there are definitely regional differences when it comes to sizing. The Northeast is a little more conservative with the average size being between 200-300cc while Dallas is a bit larger at 400-500cc. But neither holds a candle to Las Vegas where the average implant size is probably around 600cc. “Well, I think each city has a little bit of it’s own flavor.” says Dr. Cash. But she’s also found that in her practice in Houston, which is in the great state of Texas where bigger is usually better, that her patients are all over the map in terms of the look they want. Some like that very augmented, big, round “fake” look while others want a more natural look which she’s achieving with the anatomic implants. So, really, there’s a wide range just within her own geographic area.

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Dr. Gordon is finding the same thing with her patients in Austin. In fact, she’s seeing a lot of patients who are in their 50’s or 60’s who’ve always wanted breast implants, and waited until now thanks to more natural looking results. “I think it’s the overdone ones that get talked about so much.” says Dr. Baxter. When people talk about implants always being so big and obvious that’s because they’re not seeing the other 90% that look natural and proportionate. Bottom line, it’s the surgeon’s job to give the patient her desired outcome, within the restrictions of her anatomy, when it comes to breast implants.

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