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Cosmetic Surgery May Be A Man’s Tool To Success

Cosmetic Surgery May Be A Man’s Tool To Success

Looks do matter, especially for those in Hollywood and the TV business, but corporate America isn’t far behind. It’s an ongoing trend that isn’t showing any sign of easing, executives turning to plastic surgery to improve their chances of landing the next big promotion or job. Plastic Surgery Channel Reporter, Dawn Tongish checks in with our PSC experts to highlight some of the popular cosmetic brush ups men are using to help climb the corporate ladder.

By Dawn Tongish

Building Success With A Cosmetic Tuneup

It’s no secret that society affords good looking people certain advantages, like better pay. Beautiful people are often hired first. Now, it’s easy to sit and pout and hate on the handsome. Instead, many men are opting to take advantage of what the research shows and improve on appearance. “They want an edge in the workplace and they know that looking better will help with that,” says plastic surgeon, Dr. Shaun Parson. Parson practices in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he says men are no longer afraid to fix their body, just like they would add another degree to their resume. “It is becoming less taboo. I see guys who want to fix their eyes to stay relevant, along with smoothing out the skin on their neck.”

Parson says most men want something different than women. “Men don’t want a tummy tuck, they will opt for liposuction instead to get rid of mid-section love handles. Parson says a facelift also isn’t big among men and is usually reserved for women.

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Men Want Minimal

There may be a real payoff in investing in cosmetic surgery for the executive approaching mid-life. Research shows those men who are better looking, tend to get hired more and show more confidence. More confidence also translates into a positive image. Image in the business world is everything. Still, most male candidates start out slowly when approaching cosmetic surgery, opting for a minimally invasive procedure. “I see a lot of men who want a little bit of Botox for some softening near the furrows of the brow and what we call the ’11’s area near the brow just above it,’ says Dr. Christine Hamori. Dr. Hamori says men often request a ‘youthful’ appearance to compete with a younger group in their office environment. She often recommends non-invasive procedures like Botox, fillers and Kybella, which burns away neck fat to lessen the amount of down time away from the office.

“I just saw a man who wanted to get his double chin off his suits because he felt like it was touching. He wanted to look better around the younger people in his office. We did Kybella on him and the result was just awesome.” She adds that he may need more than one treatment to get the results that he wants/needs to show improvement.

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Career Secret Weapon

Men are willing to seek out cosmetic procedures and that is a shift in thinking from 10-20 years ago. Experts say it wasn’t many years ago that men would not have considered it appropriate to consider plastic surgery for something like ‘getting ahead in business’. Many men say they are glad those days are gone. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that men and women having plastic surgery for the purpose of career advancement continues to be a hot trend. Dr. Hamori doesn’t see the number easing up anytime soon. “I think it’s really important because it can give a man confidence to feel better.” It is a solid tool in the workplace battleground for the man on the move.

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