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What’s On The Horizon For The Breast

What’s On The Horizon For The Breast

It isn’t often that the top minds from around the world in breast rejuvenation gather in one place to discuss cutting-edge ideas about what’s next in shape, size and texture related to breast implants. It happened recently at ASAPS, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery convention in Las Vegas at a first-of-its kind breast symposium. The best of the best mulled over what’s on the horizon for the breast. 

By Dawn Tongish
and The Plastic Surgery Channel

Breast Trends Around The World

There are beautiful women filling the beaches of Brazil and many opt to enhance their look with breast implants, but in this South American country, the trend is toward smaller breast implants. In comparison, their female counterparts in Europe are choosing teardrop shaped implants for a more ‘natural look’ to shun a ‘perky’ breast. The bigger bosom is also still in style in some regions of the United States, while not so desired in others.

Experts say women are often willing to repeat an implant surgery to achieve a fuller look, if the first surgery didn’t deliver the big, bold look a woman wanted. It’s clear that around the world, women know what they want, but it differs depending on where a woman a lives and her lifestyle. One thing is certain – breast rejuvenation is in demand around the globe and experts say the future will bring breakthroughs. “Keep your mind open to what the future will bring in breast rejuvenation and reconstruction because it’s going to change,” says Dr. Brad Calobrace, a plastic surgeon in Louisville, Kentucky. “It’s going to change for the better.”


The Past – The Future

Think about how far breast augmentation has come since the first implant was developed in 1961 by American plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow and the Dow Corning Corporation – and the following first augmentation mammoplasty performed in 1962. Now, thousands of women opt to surgically enhance their breasts each day. It’s a choice that is made around the world by women, making breast rejuvenation the most popular cosmetic procedure of them all.

It’s part of the reason why top surgeons came together to discuss the changing techniques, products, and trends related to breast augmentation. There was no lack of worldwide representation at the recent symposium. “We had representatives from Europe, South America and North America and it became apparent that we all do things so differently,” says Dr. Holly Wall, a board certified plastic surgeon in Shreveport. She says surgeons don’t always agree on all matters about what is the best approach to breast rejuvenation. “There is a lot of difference if opinion, so it creates some interesting discussion.”

New Techniques – New Products

Surgeons don’t agree on everything related to breast rejuvenation, but they can agree that patients and their needs and wants come first in any surgical procedure. Breast surgeons around the world say it is an exciting time for any woman considering breast implants because of new developments on the horizon, and cutting edge procedures currently on the market that offer a more natural look, less scarring, and more choices in implant shape. Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr., Dr. Holly Wall’s practice partner and husband, says women in the United States are receiving optimal surgical benefits, compared to what is being offered elsewhere. “We typically go under the muscle and get a really natural look by hiding the implants and yet we still produce a lot of upper breast fullness, but in other parts of the world they aren’t trying to get that fullness, so they use a smaller implant and go over the muscle.”


Dr. Wall does point out that in other regions of the world, that procedure may be used because it is the ‘look’ women living there want to achieve. Looks around the world vary, and so do the surgical choices. Experts agree as the future unfolds, so will new options for women.”I think we will start to see a trend toward some people being offered implants on top of the muscle, which will be more shaped implants above the muscle,” says Calobrace. Walls says he welcomes a procedure that limits scarring in breast rejuvenation surgery. “I like the technique to limit scars, because no one wants scars on breasts.

It’s all about the beauty of the breast and that’s a feeling that every woman can understand, no matter what the language.

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