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The Lunchtime Fix… Reality or Fiction?

The Lunchtime Fix… Reality or Fiction?

The Lunchtime Fix may be one of the most popular, and potentially most overhyped, marketing phrases floating through plastic and cosmetic surgery the past few years. It’s true, there are many things that can be done during the time it takes to enjoy a salad, a sandwich and a glass of ice tea. But the implication that cosmetic and aesthetic procedures can be accomplished during your lunch hour and return to work without anyone knowing may be stretching credibility, according to some board certified plastic surgeons.

A Lunchtime Fix May be Quick, Yes. But Without a Trace? Doubtful.

We desperately want to believe it, that years of weather and stress and well, years, can be erased or at the very least, drastically reduce the age lines and fat deposits and various assorted wrinkles all in a matter of minutes. And all without any trace of correction! Modern plastic and cosmetic surgery does offer a wide variety of approaches, both surgical and nonsurgical, to youth-enhancing procedures that can be performed with very little downtime. But beware of any marketing efforts that insist a lot can be done to improve your appearances with NO tell-tale signs are left to detect.

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Lunchtime Fixes Sound Trivial to Some Plastic Surgeons

“I would never use that term lunchtime fix because it sort of makes plastic surgery sound kind of flip,” says Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Sheila Nazarian.”Oh, I can just do that on my lunch break? No problem. Whatever it is, if it’s Botox or otoplasty or fat removal, whatever it takes in that one hour span, it takes planning for not just getting the patient ready for the procedure but preparing them post procedure – knowing what to expect with swelling, bruising. There is some downtime with everything.”

The board certified plastic surgeon added: “A lunchtime fix is not a term I would use very freely. I’m always cautioning my patients against having high expectations with having a procedure done without any downtime …without any issues and expecting many amazing things happen to them.”

An Era of New Technology and Medical Devices

Use me as a resource for any information that you may want to further investigate,” says Salt Lake City-based plastic surgeon Brian Brzowski. “Because I want them to develop that trust with me because if they have a question about something, I want them to call me and ask me, ‘What do you think about it?’ And I’m very up front with them. If I think it’s great technology and I don’t have it, I’m going to steer them to the right person.”

“We have to be careful not to over-promise what they’ll do,” Brzowski continues, “But certainly the bar is set pretty high in terms of the expectations of the patients when they start to pay attention to some of these marketing things that may or may not be representative of the results they can achieve.”

All the surgeons contacted by The Plastic Surgery Channel agree no matter how small a cosmetic treatment may appear, proper planning is required of each, and the term ‘lunchtime fix’ implies a quick answer that isn’t available today.

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