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The Lowdown on Injectables

The Lowdown on Injectables

Injectables has become a bit of a catch phrase for any non-surgical procedure that involves a needle, such as Botox or fillers. The term can be somewhat confusing as many patients think of Botox and fillers as serving the same purpose when they don’t. Although they are often used in conjunction as part of a non-surgical facelift, Botox and fillers each fill a unique function. Furthermore, today, there are specific fillers that address individual areas of concern on the face.

In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, injectables can keep you looking youthful and refreshed for decades. Dr. Robert Whitfield of Austin, TX discusses what you need to know before considering injectables.

Injectable procedures.

Injectables for Defense Against Lines and Wrinkles: Botox

When Dr. Whitfield sees a Botox patient for the first time, many ask whether or not it is going to cause problems such as a frozen forehead, asymmetric brow or squinting eyes. According to Whitfield, “Botox is an injectable that when used properly is very safe.”  During the initial consultation, he will always ask the patient what’s bothering him or her about the face.

  • Is it the lines around your eyes when you squint?
  • Furrows across forehead?
  • The “11’s” that can form between your eyebrows?

All of these lines are referred to as animation lines as they are the consequence when we repeatedly animate the face with a smile, a frown, or a scowl.

Botox injection for wrinkles and lines.

The question is always what can be done to soften these lines over time? Botox is an ideal procedure for patients in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond who want to retain a youthful appearance in the least invasive way possible. For younger patients, it works as a stand alone treatment. However, the effects do begin to diminish as we age, so the patient will need to move on to a surgical procedure for their brow at some point.

Botox before and after.

When that time will occur is different for every patient. With great skin care and injectables, a patient can put off surgery and sustain his or her self longer than ever before.

Injectables for Volume: Fillers

Fillers, most of which are hyaluronic acid based products, often get confused with Botox. While Botox relaxes musculature, softening wrinkles and lines, fillers add volume to areas of the face where it’s been lost, lifting a cheek or a nose, and eliminating some lines by plumping them. These injections actually change the superficial structures of the face, so “you have to be careful,” explains Whitfield.

It is vital to see an experienced injector not just for a better aesthetic outcome, but because the needle that is used for the filler can hit an artery or obstruct a vein, causing complications like necrosis in the nose or a nodule/hole in the forehead. Someone with adequate training is gong to understand facial anatomy, know the exact right amount of filler to use and where to place it, so choose your injector wisely.

Filler injection before and after.

“In our practice, we feel very confident providing services for Botox and fillers,” says Whitfield. They are proven to be a safe, effective method for erasing lines and wrinkles while also adding volume to areas where it’s diminished or changed over time. The final result is a younger looking you, all without surgery.

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