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Unbeatable Botox: Still The #1 Non-Surgical Choice

Unbeatable Botox: Still The #1 Non-Surgical Choice

If you ask women in one word how to stop the hands of time from turning, many of them will respond – BOTOX. The popular injectable is not only a household name, but it remains the most widely used non-surgical treatment globally. Most plastic surgeons expect the use of Botox to continue to grow as expanding markets like young people – and even men –  are now beginning to discover its benefits.

Unbeatable Botox

If you started to check of the names of celebrities who use Botox, it could take awhile. Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, those are just a few famous’female names who are rumored to have used the injectable. Botox is the first line of defense against aging and is especially popular with women.

Botox remains unbeatable for wrinkles.

According to a recent survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in 2015, more than 4.5 million injections were performed worldwide, most of which were done on women. “Botox is kind of the gateway drug when it comes to facial fillers,” says Dr. Shaun Parson. Parson is a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona who continues to see the booming popularity of Botox. “Botox is as popular as ever, because people pay attention to their faces – they notice the little things.”

Parson says Botox is a top pick because the non-surgical treatment provides a quick fix, and even works to prevent wrinkles if used properly. “Most people start to fire and fire their muscles and they start to notice the lines and that is the first thing they want to fix.” Parson says Botox will help restore a youthful appearance in those cases. The treatment also requires minimal downtime, a very attractive aspect to patients.

Botox is still the top non-surgical treatment.

Men and Botox

Botox has been around for some time, so its hard to imagine someone who hasn’t heard of it. For some plastic surgeons, it’s even hard to imagine someone who hasn’t tried it. “I find it hard to believe that more people aren’t using Botox these days,” says Dr. Rob Whitfield. Whitfield, a plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, sees younger people in their 20’s using Botox to curtail crows feet around the eyes. He says it’s because of sun damage, and not using protective eye wear. “Younger people aren’t wearing sunglasses and that can cause wrinkles, so the Botox can help in those areas.”

Whitfield also expects that more men will see the benefits of Botox or what’s sometimes casually referred to as “Bro-tox”. “I think males will try it, especially those in markets where they have to compete to stay in the front of their field. I have seen that.” Whitfield says it is becoming more accepted for men to seek treatment with Botox. “As they see their friends do it, they feel that it’s OK and they are willing to try it.”

Men and Botox.

Expanded Use on The Horizon

Botox expansive market doesn’t only include wrinkles. The treatment is FDA approved to ease migraine pain and urinary incontinence, in addition to a myriad of promising treatments on the horizon. Experts say the expanded use of Botox will help keep the injectable in circulation for many years.

The one downside to Botox for all treatments is it’s lifespan. Depending on past use, a Botox injection will only last for typically 3-4 months before another injection is required. While this may seem a short amount of time, the rejuvenative results are so remarkable that many patients take no issue with going back for more when it runs it’s course.

As the use of non-surgical treatments continue to burgeon, Botox reigns supreme as one of the easiest, most effective treatments to stave off the march of time on our faces.


DAWN TONGISH: Anjelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston. The list goes on of celebrities who reportedly stopped the hands of time with a very popular injectable that remains the first line of defense against aging.

SHAUN PARSON: Botox is kind of the gateway drug when it comes to facial fillers.

TONGISH: Botox again reigns as the top choice in non-surgical treatments. A new survey shows that in 2014, 4.5 million injections were performed, mostly on women who see Botox as a quick-fix when the aging starts to creep in.

PARSON: We start to notice little things about our faces.

TONGISH: Parson, who is a plastic surgeon in Arizona, says Botox is known for not only reducing but preventing fine lines.

PARSON: Most people start to fire and fire and fire their muscles and then they start to notice small lines, and that’s the first thing they want to try and fix.

TONGISH: Botox has been around a long time. It’s sort of the workhorse when it comes to injectables. It’s quick, there’s not much downtime, and it’s affordable. And plastic surgeons say expect its popularity to grow.

ROBERT WHITFIELD: I think the newest group that’s going to try it more and more over the next 5 to 10 years is going to be males.

TONGISH: The bro-tox?

WHITFIELD: The bro-tox.

TONGISH: Women are still, by far, the biggest users of Botox. But Dr. Rob Whitfield, who practices in Austin, says men are getting more comfortable with trying Botox. Especially those competing in the workforce.

WHITFIELD: I think those who do or those who are in markets, either in business or society where they feel they have to compete to stay in the front of their field, they’re more apt to do that. So I’ve seen that more commonly.

TONGISH: When it comes more acceptable and they see their friends doing it, more men will try it?

WHITFIELD: I believe so.

TONGISH: And this wrinkle-reducer has other uses. It’s FDA approved to treat migraine pain, urinary incontinence, and there could be other uses on the horizon. And even though it’s effects are immediate, they are temporary, which keeps users coming back for more. For The Plastic Surgery Channel, I’m Dawn Tongish.

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