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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Today’s Best Lasers

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Today’s Best Lasers

Laser hair removal is a dream come true for many people as they marvel at the idea of removing unwanted hair permanently. No more waxing, shaving, or dealing with embarrassing hair in places where it isn’t wanted.

Even though a variety of options for hair removal exist, it can be overwhelming to find the right product and/or procedure for you. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Caroline Glicksman, explains the advantages of a cutting edge hair removal laser that is considered the gold standard in the permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

A New Kind Of Laser

Lasers have been part of the medical and aesthetic arsenal for decades, being used to treat everything from vascular lesions to the removal of unwanted tattoos. “Lasers have been around for 30-40 years for all types of procedures,” says Dr. Glicksman. “Laser hair removal is really different because unlike electrolysis or waxing you’re getting the permanent removal of the majority of your hair.”

Glicksman says in the past the technology wasn’t available to certain skin types, but that has changed. “If patients were tan and had dark skin or a dark complexion you couldn’t use the laser.” She says improved laser technology now allows for use on all kinds of skin types. “There are certain wavelengths of light that are absorbed by pigments, and we can use these types of lasers for tattoos, brown spots, and hair removal.”

Tattoo removal with lasers.

Dr. Glicksman prefers the Diode laser made by Lumenis, called the LightSheer® Duet™.  She says this powerful laser offers advanced hair removal by concentrating large amounts of light energy directly into the hair follicle. “It targets the red, dark brown, or black pigment in and around a hair follicle.”

Now, For All Skin Types

Laser hair removal is a fairly simple process, requiring about 10 minutes to an hour for the treatment, depending on the areas to be treated. The laser marketplace has improved dramatically in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. “Now almost everybody is a candidate for laser hair removal,” says Glicksman.

Removing hair permanently with lasers.

Dr. Glicksman says there are advantages to offering a laser that can treat a wide variety of skin types. Patients should realize that the laser treatment is specialized to meet the needs of each person. “Some patients may take a little longer to treat because it is important to protect their skin, especially those with darker skin types,” says Glicksman. She reminds patients that laser hair removal is considered safe, effective and a relative bargain.

Gone For Good

It can be embarrassing to have unwanted hair, especially on the face. “It’s such a burden for my patients who have unwanted facial hair, especially because of a medical condition,” says Dr. Glicksman. She says many people suffer and try everything to hide the hair. “It is a nightmare for them, but they want to cover it because it seems socially unacceptable.” Glicksman says the hair can usually be removed in 4-6 treatments that can often be combined with other non-invasive procedures. “Patients come in for CoolSculpting and get their laser hair removal at the same time, or they come in for Botox or fillers and get it done, because there’s really no down time.”

Hair removal with lasers.

Convenience is one attractive part of laser hair removal and permanency is another. “The wonderful thing about the LightSheer® Duet™ laser is that after 3-4 sessions you have removed the majority of that hair for life,” says Glicksman. She says that with new options being offered for almost every skin and hair type, she can’t imagine anyone passing on the opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair for good. “It’s the best gift that you can give to anybody, including yourself.”

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