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Plastic Surgery Surge: Beauty Business Sees Sharp Rise

Plastic Surgery Surge: Beauty Business Sees Sharp Rise

The business of beauty is booming. According to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic procedures have risen 115 percent in the last 15 years. Not only are patients electing to have more procedures, the options they are choosing are changing. Groundbreaking non-invasive treatments and new surgical techniques are opening up more choices for patients and helping to fuel the sharp rise in plastic surgery.

The Popularity of Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty – Breast Augmentation – Botox – Tummy Tuck – the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery are becoming household names. Plastic surgery is a $12 billion dollar industry, with procedures to alter the look of the face or get rid of fat leading the way. The increasing popularity of plastic surgery isn’t surprising to veteran plastic surgeon, Dr. Brad Calobrace. “I think the concept of plastic surgery is becoming more common place and coming out of the closet a little bit.”

Calobrace, who practices in Louisville, Kentucky, sees the numbers steadily rising. He says a good portion of the increase can be attributed to interest among male patients. Calobrace says men realize there are plastic surgery options that don’t require a lot of down time for recovery. “There are more people who will consider it, including men who now understand that they can benefit from plastic surgery.”

What’s Hot – New Trends

Reliable cosmetic surgery options continue to be popular and sought after choices in the world of plastic surgery. Top choices like breast augmentation and tummy tuck are in incredible demand – but so are cutting-edge procedures that don’t require an OR table nor scalpel. Patients are willing to consider the latest when it comes to fine-tuning their body. Buttock enhancement has ballooned in popularity in the last few years, increasing by about 58 percent.

Another new procedure sharing the spotlight is labiaplasty, which is used to change the appearance of female genitals. Women of all ages are considering the procedure to alter the look of distorted or excessive female parts, which can also cause a great deal of discomfort and limit function. The number of labiaplasty procedures has increased nearly 40 percent in the last few years. Experts say more people are beginning to realize there is a procedure to benefit almost every body type or bothersome concern.

Labiaplasty procedure.

Better Economy = More Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery may be considered more of an option when times are good, says board certified New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Y. Maman. “Plastic surgery is like a luxury good, it’s very tied to the economy,” he shares. “As the economy booms people tend to spend more, just like they would buy an expensive hand bag they spend more on personal beauty and plastic surgery.”

Maman also says wider choices in surgical and non-invasive procedures have helped to create the escalating numbers. “As technology improves, along with access to less invasive, and shorter plastic surgery, then inevitably the number of people undergoing procedures increases, too.” It’s a trend that most agree will likely continue as plastic surgery continues to improve, advance and offer a wider degree of choices for all ages.

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