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Fix Your Aging Face Without Surgery

Fix Your Aging Face Without Surgery

Let’s face it – after you hit a certain age, your skin reflects some wear and tear from the years. You may deal with breakouts, big pores, age spots or other unwanted appearances that just happen with an aging face. Unfortunately, all add up to damaged and old-looking skin.

The best news is that with a little effort, you can get back on track with a glowing complexion. Dr. Brad Calobrace, a board certified plastic surgeon and specialist in facial rejuvenation. outlines the top ways to improve your face without surgery.

Beauty is Skin Deep

Living takes a toll on your skin. Years of poor nutrition, smoking, sun damage and even smiling can add up to wrinkles and poor skin elasticity. All slowly combine to form what is considered and aging cace, according to Dr. Brad Calobrace. “When I talk to patients about facial aging, we talk about the canvas of the skin and that means the texture of the skin.”

Calobrace says that while it’s important to treat the loss of volume and sagging skin, it’s equally important to look at the texture of the facial skin. “We forget about the canvas and today we have so many options that are non-surgical for making the skin look better,” he shares.

The “Hollywood Peel”

Chemical peels have been the staple of skin care for decades, but a new version is rocking the world of skin care. The Hollywood Peel, or Carbon Laser Peel, is used to improve the tone and texture of the face, according to Calobrace. “This is exciting technology,” the plastic surgeon indicates. He says the peel combines the use of a powerful laser and carbon, which is placed on the face as a marker. “The nice thing about the carbon is that it gets into the pores, then the laser comes through, sees the color of the carbon and stimulates the skin –  so you get this nice tightening and improvement of pores and texture and the complexion of the skin improves.”

The Hollywood Peel for the aging face.

Calobrace says the treatment can be completed on a lunch break, with minimal down time. “You can go back to work that day and go to social events that evening, and be fine with just a little pink on the skin.” It’s a gentle, non-surgical approach to rejuvenation that requires multiple treatments over several weeks to see a difference. “It will make the canvas look a lot better.”

Did You Say Needles?

What does it feel like to have dozens of small needles penetrate the facial skin with radio frequency? It many sound painful, but the discomfort is actually minimal in this advanced treatment for skin aging. “This is a good treatment for skin tightening and not just pores,” explains Calobrace. He is describing the INFINI treatment, which he highly recommends for his patients.

The treatment combines micro-needling with radio frequency to deliver a powerful punch for skin rejuvenation. “Each time the laser strikes, its 49 needles go into the skin, and it doesn’t hurt because we apply a numbing cream,” explains Calobrace. The needles deliver heat energy deep into the skin, without hurting the surface skin.

The INFINI Laser and the aging face.

Treatments like INFINI will require a bit more downtime than a carbon laser peel. “The INFINI is a little more advanced than a Hollywood peel or a chemical peel because you are really stimulating the skin and putting needles into the skin, so there’s going to be bleeding with that. Your skin is going to get inflamed or reddened.” Calobrace recommends that patients plan for a couple of down days following treatment. “Most patients would find they will look worse and want to avoid social functions, but within 2-3 days, they are perfectly fine.”

Calobrace says paying attention to skin tone and texture will pay off in many ways when it comes to the aging face. “Not only is skin care good for those who just want great skin and never have a face lift, but for all surgical patients it’s important that the skin look its best in a way that is very safe.”

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