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Enhancing Orgasm via Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Enhancing Orgasm via Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the hottest growing sectors of plastic surgery. Surgical and non-surgical procedures have provided considerable success at both aesthetic and functional improvements of the vagina, encouraging the curiosity of women who may never have considered the possibility.

While many patients are looking to either alter the appearance of their vagina or improve functionality, there is a secondary benefit that may pique the interests of all – improved orgasm. Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Tracy Pfeifer and Dr. Christine Hamori share their experience with vaginal rejuvenation procedures and how many provide a surprising boost to female orgasm.

Rejuvenating the Vagina

Seemingly obvious now, there is no denying that the human body ages as time passes. The face has been the tell-tale indicator for millennia, before humans ever discovered the means to understand why. Volume is lost creating a more gaunt, tired-looking face, the skin is damaged by the sun or other environmental factors, and lines and wrinkles form, showing off the thousands of expressions made over decades.

The breast, buttocks, abdomen, arms, hands… obvious aging is witnessed as time goes by all over the body. For women, another region ages alongside the rest but is rarely considered: the vagina. Whether because of taboo or simple naivety, the idea that the vagina ages and becomes less than it once was is only now entering public discourse.

Vaginal rejuvenation.

The burgeoning field of vaginal rejuvenation comes in two flavors: surgical and non-surgical. Per the former, the labiaplasty procedure has inspired many to address the aesthetics of the vagina to correct deformity and/or aging tissue. Labiaplasty, for example, is a surgical procedure that “trims” the labia minora, reducing its size. “A lot of people come to you and they’re considering labiaplasty because maybe they think the appearance of their labia is too big and bulgy in the clothes, or maybe they feel embarrassed in intimate situations,” shares Dr. Pfeifer. Many women may have a large labia minora that they find unsightly or, perhaps even more distressing, that causes functional disability. A large labia minora can cause discomfort in any situation where a woman is active, specifically activities like riding a bike, a horse, or even just jogging.

For the myriad of patients looking for rejuvenation without surgery, a handful of non-invasive modalities exist that work to tighten the vaginal internally via the application of heat (energy). This shrinking affect can have a huge impact on urinary incontinence and an increase in blood supply, the latter leading to a growing area of interest: improving orgasm.

Improving orgasm.

While anecdotal evidence implies enhancement of orgasms following vaginal rejuvenation procedures, is there truly a benefit happening? “Definitely,” says Dr. Hamori. “I think whether it’s a surgical or non-surgical treatment, you can definitely affect orgasm. Just the fact that you’re undergoing female rejuvenation, your confidence is better. You’re going to feel better, you’re going to have more sex. It definitely helps bringing blood supply, whether you’re having with surgical procedures to tighten it back up.”

A Physical Change for a Mental Change – Increased Confidence

Dr. Hamori hits an important point when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation: a post-op surge in confidence. For the surgical procedures, the aesthetics of the vagina are usually in the cross-hairs. Sure, there may be some added benefit, and perhaps if the labia minora is large enough there will be considerable functional benefits, but many women are seeking the procedures to make their vagina prettier.

The aesthetics of large labia minora may have haunted them since puberty, believing their vagina to lack attractiveness and even appear “deformed.” This may sit underneath the surface for years and years (similar to a man suffering from breast tissue or gynecomastia), growing a seed of self-doubt and hampering physical confidence. The knowledge that patients have undergone a procedure to enhance their vagina dramatically improves confidence, especially when recovery is complete and their goals can be seen healed in the mirror, and felt throughout the day. The synergy provided by both a functional improvement and the elimination of stress caused by a malformed or large labia minora can certainly lead to enhanced orgasm.

Enhancing orgasm with vaginal rejuvenation.

Recovery From Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

As with all rejuvenation procedures, there will exist recovery time for females undergoing vaginal improvement. If the procedure is non-invasive, recovery is much shorter and patients may even be able to have sex that night. While the changes will take some time to resolve, there is very little the patient can’t do in the interim. Surgical procedures, on the other hand, can limit sexual activity upwards of 6 weeks while tissues heal.

“It depends what procedure is being done,” explains Hamori. “If you’re doing some non-invasive modalities, usually that night you can have sex. You may not notice really the benefits for a couple weeks from a non-invasive procedure. If it’s something like a vaginoplasty where there’s suturing of the muscles together, that’s about six weeks. A regular labiaplasty I restrict also about 5-6 weeks for sexual intercourse.”

Even at the far end of the spectrum with a 6 week recovery, patients generally seem to have a incredibly high satisfaction rate with vaginal rejuvenation procedures. The improvements made are seemingly so “simple” yet effective; many patients being their journey already excited that such improvement is both possible and readily available.

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