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Why Going Too Big With Breast Implants Can Be Bad

Why Going Too Big With Breast Implants Can Be Bad
When it comes to breast implants, every woman is different; there’s no one size that is the perfect fit. What some women think is “too large,” someone else may find to be perfectly fine. According to veteran plastic surgeon and founder of the Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. William P. Adams Jr., there can be lingering problems when a woman opts to go too big with implants.

Bigger Isn’t Better

There are differing reasons to get a breast augmentation, but for many women it’s to create harmony between the chest and the rest of the body with a more natural look. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), increasing the breast size by more than two cups is usually unnecessary. Many surgeons, like Dr. Adams, say going too big could pose risks down the line.

“Sometimes patients get the idea that it is important to go as big as possible, but what we’ve learned is that big implants cause big problems and that can be a really difficult thing to fix,” says Adams. He adds that “bigger isn’t always better” and can damage the breast tissue. “The breast gets stretched out and becomes saggy or the tissue thins out over time and those are things that are very hard to correct when a patient has those problems.” Adams says the problems can sometimes be irreversible.

Why Women Opt For Big

Some women may chose to go with a larger implant because a friend urged them to go bigger, according to Dr. Adams. “The issue that we see in the internet age is that patients chat a lot with each other and they share information and often they think that if they don’t go large now, they will be disappointed later.” It is true that some women come back for a repeat surgery to enlarge breast implants because they grow accustom to the size of their new look. “I think it’s just human nature to get used to things, like people get used to shoes or clothes and the same thing they get used to their breast implants,” Adams explains.

He does stress that what doesn’t change is the strength and structure of body tissue and it’s ability to support a very large implant. “Those irreversible problems are really bad, so we want to keep patients way from going down that path to a point of no return.”

Finding the Right Fit

Most women (thousands of them) who have a breast augmentation each year are happy with the results. The key to a good outcome may be finding the right fit and size for your body type, and that starts with being an educated patient. “We really try to educate people about what happens when you pick an implant that does fit your breast and when you pick one that doesn’t,” says Dr. Adams. He says the right fit will mean a great result and shape for years to come.

“If you pick an implant that is too big for the breast, you are going to put yourself at risk for a lot of issues, like thinning or stretching of the breast and also rippling – where you can see the implant.” Dr. Adams says those problems affect the appearance of the breast implant and aren’t appealing to the patient. To get the right fit, Adams says it often takes a multi-step approach. “We can measure the breasts, and chose an implant that fits the  breast.” He adds that there is also powerful imaging available to give a woman a sneak peak of what the end result will look like after surgery. “The last thing is we can actually image them in 3-dimensional imaging so they can see that, and make sure that is along the lines of what they want.”

Adams says it’s important to get the right size not only for health and happiness but to create an attractive shape to the breast. “If the patient just wants to prioritize volume above all, then they won’t get a good shape to the breast.” He says with the newest technology its very possible to get a great look in a size that is safe.

“As long as a patient comes in and is able to communicate what they would like and allows us to measure their breasts and helps guide us along, then they will do great,” he concludes.

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