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The Power (and Necessity) of Modern Skin Care

The Power (and Necessity) of Modern Skin Care

Summer is right around the corner with all of those wonderful sunny days in tow. Sadly, our beautiful star is one of the biggest factors in rapid aging of the skin. To protect and prevent, it’s time to ramp up the sun protection and skin care. Veteran plastic surgeon, Dr. Christine Hamori shares her top tips on protecting your skin as you prepare for long days in the summer sun.

Bright Ideas for Sun Protection

We’ve all been told by those wiser than we to wear sunscreen. As annoying as Mom and others were, it turns out that they were all too right. Not everyone listened to the message, shares Dr. Hamori, a board certified plastic surgeon in Boston. “Women in their 50’s just didn’t know that back then, when we were young, that a lot of sun can ruin your skin.” Hamori says in her teenage years she worked as a life guard and didn’t take all the necessary steps to protect her skin. She says it different today.

Protecc from the sun with skin care.

“I think the new generation of women are more educated, and their kids are more protected because they are putting sunblock on at an early age.” Hamori says there is no better way to fend off the signs of aging, than to slather on the sunscreen. “That is the number one way to to protect your skin, to use sunscreen.”

Skin Care Matters

Sunscreen is important for prevention, while skin care is critical to slowing the aging process. “A lot of patients think they can just use sunblock every day and that will be enough, but it’s not.” She advises patients to use lasers and other non-invasive treatments for facial rejuvenation, but says skin care is so important, including the RIGHT products.

“You need to basically renew that collagen, or use a Vitamin A derivative, to increase cell turnover to get more clarity in your skin and improve the blood flow.” Hamori adds that’s only achieved by using products that enhance and prolong the youthfulness of skin.

Which Are The “Right” Products?

Hamori says she can spot women who are taking good care of their skin just by their confidence level. “I see women who are using Tretinoin (which is a Vitamin A derivative), along with glycolic acid, and their skin is so different from the women who have not been using these products.” Hamori adds that the products improve neck skin and even boost self-esteem. “They have a clarity to their skin and I often see that translated into a heightened sense of self-assurance.”

Retin A for skin care.

Healthy skin is easier to treat and keep looking great. Hamori recommends using products that provide sun protection and other anti-aging benefits. “The two products that I would also advise my patients to use for skin would be Tretinoin and a Vitamin C or Niacin derivative to help reduce free radical damage.”

It can be difficult picking a sunscreen from the rows and rows of options, but Hamori says she sticks to her favorite. “I really prefer EltaMD.” She says the brand offers a selection that also works like a moisturizer. To round out the right skin care routine, Hamori recommends a couple of options to bring clarity. “I do like the NeoCutis line and I am a big fan of Nya, both of them are great for bringing out clarity in the skin.”

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