Tell Me Something Good with Dr. Reid

Tell Me Something Good with Dr. Reid

While Americans are fighting the Coronavirus in their homes and at the hospital, many more Americans are battling with a new life in self-isolation and quarantine. While at home, many are realizing the importance of that daily walk they had with their dogs, or how much that 3x a week Pilates with a friend meant to their spirits. So while those who are battling the disease are more acutely affected by this strange time, those without are also looking to find hope and positivity in a temporary but new world.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dustin Reid certainly is facing a change of pace. Instead of full days every day being a surgeon, a physician, and an executive for his own plastic surgery business, he’s doing what the rest of us are doing – trying to find something to do! And while his “boredom” after having to pause an excitingly busy life may have introduced a bit of negativity, he’s finding ways to keep up beat.

In this PSC “Tell Me Something Good” video, Dr. Reid discusses a story he saw on Facebook of a 12-year-old student who was having trouble with a math problem she was facing in her now virtual math class. The teacher realized her dilemma and went to her house, armed with a whiteboard, and sat outside the window to work out the problem. Dr. Reid mentions how this small act means so much to the student, but also to him, as it reminds of many of the teachers in his family who showed him what it means to take care of children and instill positivity in a community. With the threat of Coronavirus ongoing, this is the kind of positivity we can all benefit from, while being reminded in our sudden communal pause how important community really is.

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