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Can We Say Goodbye to Aging for Good with Prejuvenation?

Can We Say Goodbye to Aging for Good with Prejuvenation?

Middle-aged women have been the driving force behind facial procedures in cosmetic surgery, but that trend is shifting. Plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in patients who are below 30, and even some who haven’t hit 25 yet. Some millennials are convinced that they can prevent aging before it starts with ‘prejuvenation.’

Can You SLOW the Aging Clock?

Not that many years ago, the ‘prejuvenation’ trend was potentially considered a fad, but no longer. Experts say that studies indicate the strategy works to slow down the aging process. “I do think prejuvenation is possible,” says Dr. Christine Hamori, a board certified plastic surgeon in Boston, Massachusetts. Hamori thinks prejuvenation is more than a beauty buzzword. She sees the techniques as real solutions for a certain age group who want to decrease the signs of aging. “It’s for those youngsters who are 20 or 25 and they are seeing their mothers age. They are seeing the use of the Botox and the fillers and they are wondering what can be done. They are wondering what they can do.”

Many in this millennial age group aren’t waiting around for wrinkles and sagging skin to form, they are being proactive and tackling aging. Younger patients are proactively attacking fine lines, wrinkles and even sagging skin BEFORE it sets in or forms. This idea of preventing the problem before it happens is something that’s new to plastic surgery, and one that just might work for many people, according to Hamori. “I think if you do those treatments, you can prevent the wrinkles from ever forming. It’s a good idea to attack with non-invasive treatments to look younger, longer,” said Hamori.

Learn to Age Well

There’s increasing pressure from social media to not only turn back the aging clock, but to also ‘age well’. It’s possible to maintain a vibrant, healthy and youthful look through the years, according to veteran plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Pozner. “There are certainly some secrets to aging really well. I like to read the Riot Act to people who think they can’t age well.” Dr. Pozner is a plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida where he advises his clients that the secret to moving through the years with grace and beauty includes ‘natural’ prejuvenation.

Pozner says there is no way to push off aging forever. The more realistic way to delay looking older is to practice daily techniques that are proven to help maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the years. He advises.

  • Don’t smoke
  • Exercise
  • Avoid too much sun
  • Use good skin care products

Pozner says his patients who exercise daily and don’t smoke are often able to maintain a youthful look well into their senior citizen years. “I have seen it with some of my patients. They have exercised their whole life and then they get into their 80’s and 90’s and they are in great shape. They look lean and healthy,” said Pozner. Even though Pozner lives in the Sunshine State, he advises his patients to take precautions and to find a good line of skin care with antioxidants. “Good skin care is very important and always apply a good sun block.”

The right mix of natural techniques with prejuvenation procedures might just keep aging at bay for a long time. Some of the research on the possible side effects of beginning cosmetic procedures at a young age is still under review. Each person has to decide what procedures they’re comfortable with and when they want to start the procedure. If prejuvenation sounds like a good fit you might just be able to enjoy a ‘younger’ you for a long while.

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