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How Effective is Botox at Treating Depression?

How Effective is Botox at Treating Depression?

Any plastic surgeon worth their salt will tell you that the closest tool they have to a magic wand is Botox. The substance is simple, the injections tolerable, and the results immense. Not only does it temporarily eliminate wrinkles, taking years if not decades off of aged faces, it is being utilized by the younger generations to prevent aging. Instead of wrinkle removal, it’s now wrinkle prevention!

If that isn’t enough, research shows that Botox may provide relief for patients suffering from depression. The science is yet unfolding, but essentially, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. Those interested in trying it for depression are encouraged that the product is temporary, as opposed to SSRIs and other medications that may or may not work but take time to work into the system. Botox gives patients something quick, easy, and relatively cheap to give them a chance at knocking out depression.

In the latest PSC Media Wire, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Anu Bajaj of Oklahoma City and Dr. Duncan Hughes of Raleigh discuss the concept and share who they think may be a good patient.

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