PSC-TV Debuts in Local TV Network Markets

PSC-TV Debuts in Local TV Network Markets

New plastic surgery talk show debuts on CBS and Fox

The Plastic Surgery Channel is excited to announce the official launch of its new 30 minute TV talk show. PSC-TV aired on FOX  (WDRB-TV) in Louisville, Kentucky and on CBS (KSLA-TV) in Shreveport, Louisiana. Take a look at the highlights…


The new 30-minute program features PSC’s board certified doctors sharing their expert analysis and passionate point-of-view in a look-live studio setting.  PSC-TV covers a broad range of industry news, trends, and testimonials featuring some of the most prestigious plastic surgeons in the world.  Dr. Bruce Van Natta, a PSC member from Indianapolis, Indiana says, “How wonderful that we can now offer the collective wisdom of some of America’s top plastic surgeons about the latest topics in Plastic Surgery!”

PSC-TVPSC-TV is the latest media platform aimed at boosting the channel’s overall brand message while delivering additional exposure to local markets for PSC members.  Founder and CEO of, Dr. William P. Adams Jr., says, “Patients can finally trust something about plastic surgery on TV!  It’s truly refreshing to see high quality, accurate patient information on broadcast networks.”


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