The Plastic Surgery Channel has Expanded to Television!

The Plastic Surgery Channel has Expanded to Television!

New this year, expands by launching new programming made for TV. “We wanted to be first and we’re doing something no one else in the industry is doing. Our new programming will soon be available to millions of people; not just on the web, but on television,” says Carolynn Grimes, Media Director for the Channel.


New Multi-Media Platforms Expand Reach for PSC 


The first new initiative is through Roku, a popular Smart–TV box that allows viewers to choose what type of programming they want to view anytime, and anywhere.  Roku estimates they will reach five million viewers by the end of 2013.  This allows The Plastic Surgery Channel a unique platform to further brand their channel. “The recent broadcast initiatives and the launch of the new Roku platform are significant,” says Grimes. “We not only hope to reach an entirely new audience- but build support for our members in an entirely new way.”

The second initiative is through traditional broadcast television. PSC is rolling out new programming in select TV markets across the country.  The new 30-minute program is an entertaining, talk format, featuring members of The Plastic Surgery Channel discussing the latest in plastic surgery news and trends.  Dr. Jason Pozner from Boca Raton, Florida says, “PSC-TV is an  interactive show that patients will find both informative and entertaining.”

The first two broadcasts recently aired on FOX (WDRB-TV) in Louisville, Kentucky and on CBS (KSLA-TV) in Shreveport, Louisiana to an estimated combined audience of 200,000 viewers.

PSC-TV“I think it will be refreshing to watch real plastic surgeons discuss the latest in cosmetic enhancement instead of patients having to rely on false advertising or a reality show for their plastic surgery information,” says Dr. Christine Hamori, a PSC member and board certified plastic surgeon from Boston, Massachusetts.

“These new medias will help PSC members expand their reach and influence in a competitive market place,” says Grimes. The plastic surgery channel is the only multimedia outlet exclusively owned and operated by board certified plastic surgeons.


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