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Natural – Not Extreme – Plastic Surgery Is The Norm

Natural – Not Extreme – Plastic Surgery Is The Norm

Plastic surgery in some cases has gone extreme. The headlines scream, “The world’s biggest boobs”! There’s an unimaginable picture of a woman who willingly injects her breast implants to expand to 20 pounds each. She is a Z cup! According to some reports, plastic surgeons are handing out certificates to patients who look so different from their ‘before’ shot, they need proof of identify while traveling. That is a real head-scratcher. The best news is  GOOD plastic surgery isn’t extreme; it’s natural. So natural in fact that no one might know, unless YOU decide to tell.

Outrageous Images

Flip through the pages of almost any magazine on the stand or browse the many channels and you will see the leftover looks of extreme plastic surgery. It is intriguing to gawk at, and surgeons say those images sell. “People want more. They want the ridiculous,” says Dr. Shaun Parson of Scottsdale, Arizona. He explains the surgeries that go well-beyond the tasteful nip and tuck, get attention because one can’t imagine doing ‘those things’ to a body.

The reigning surgical queen and king are good examples. Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica share a love of plastic surgery; between them they have undergone about 340 procedures. Fox, who is 26, recently had six ribs removed to shrink her waist to look more like Barbie. Jedlica himself wants to look like a Ken doll. They are closing in on achieving  those looks, with no plans to stop anytime soon.

Extreme plastic surgery.

“Bad Scares People Away, More Then Good Encourages”

The everyday person looks to Hollywood to set the pace in beauty, and when a celebrity looks scary after plastic surgery, it’s not a good marketing tool. Still, the antics of just a few shouldn’t ruin the idea for the masses, especially first-timers to a cosmetic procedure who may be concerned about an outcome.

Plastic surgeons do say hearing or seeing bad results can scare people away from trying a procedures. “Bad scares people away, more than good encourages people to try something,” says Parson. He highlights that it is often the “over the top” procedure that turns consumers off. He says the extreme procedure or surgery is not normal practice. “For the most part, plastic surgeons don’t applaud those procedures being done. We are trying to see normal moms and make them feel better about themselves and turn back the clock 5-10 years.”

Natural, no extreme, plastic surgery.

Do It Right, Avoid Repeat

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but there are clearly some standards that just aren’t impressive. Extreme isn’t always beautiful, and some doctors say it can be risky. “I can’t understand some of these surgeons and how they are failing to explain to the patients the long term ramifications of what they are doing to a person’s body,” explains Dr. Rob Whitfield of Austin, Texas. He is skeptical and critical of those in his industry who are willing to perform extreme plastic surgery.

Whitfield says cosmetic procedures should create a subtle look that ages with the patient, not a super-sized problem for the future. “If you make an area abnormally disproportionate there will be problems down the road, with scarring and skin laxity.” Whitfield says because people age, if the procedure is “overdone”, there may have to be repairs or revisions.

Avoiding mistakes begins with a proper consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, who will help you create a plan that includes a natural, not extreme look. “This is what we help people do, create a natural look, in a safer way,” says Whitfield.

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