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It’s Possible – Buying Six-Pack Abs

It’s Possible – Buying Six-Pack Abs

It’s a latest trend in plastic surgery, buying the ab carved mid-section of one’s dreams. Men and women, (but mostly men) are seeking a short-cut to the leaner look they are craving through a combo of procedures that suck out fat and leave behind a toned look. It’s called ab sculpting and it’s sure to create envious stares on the beach and at the gym.

AB-solutely, You Can Buy Abs

Let’s face it, there is a long list of movie stars who have abs to die for; Chris Pratt and Chris Evans (Captain America) are just a couple in modern years. On the women’s side, Ariana Grande and Kate Hudson look stunning in a mid-drift top.

Six pack abs on celebrities.

BUT, the rich and famous have time, tools and trainers to help them look good. For the rest of us, it’s now possible to PAY for the six pack of your dreams. Yes, that’s right. You can buy six pack abs. It sounds crazy thinking back on traditional thought when it took hundreds of crunches each day and hours of cardio to reveal a rippling six pack. That’s no longer the only way to the mid-section you have wanted forever.

New Twist, On A Veteran Technique

No one wants a ‘flat’ stomach, not really. Experts say a more appealing look is a chiseled mid-section, that mimics the look of muscles. “Today it’s about creating hills and valleys, so you can create the impression of muscles,” says board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, who practices in Miami, Florida. He says a vast chunk of the population wants to lose belly blubber, but finds it very difficult.

Mendieta is using a new twist on liposuction. “Liposuction has taken on a whole new role over the last five years and it has a whole new vision to it,” he says. The procedure is called high definition lipo sculpture, designed to etch out abs covered with fat. “Absolutely, this is one of the most popular procedures that we have,” shares Mendieta.

Ab etching before and after.

Some procedures are fairly standard, but Mendieta says with ab sculpting, patients create an end look that is very unique. “Men will want to transfer muscle to the pec area and deltoids giving them the Adonis procedure and in women, we will do the pilates look which gives them a longer, leaner, athletic look.”

Who Is A Good Candidate?

There are some guidelines for selecting the right candidates for ab sculpting. Experts say the best candidates are in overall good health, with just a little extra fat around the stomach area. These are likely men and women who are fit, who work out on a regular basis, but just can’t seem to slim the waist enough to reveal the abs they desire.

Best candidates for etching abs.

Dr. Dustin Reid says the best candidates for ab sculpting are those who work out, but just need a little help. “For these men and women, who have a little bit of excess skin and fat, we can use sculpture, lipo sculpture to chisel out that six pack look and it will look fantastic,” says Reid, a board certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. He believes it’s important to know the operation won’t work for everyone. “For a realistic result, they have to be a person who is in relatively good shape, and so not an obese person, they just have that little bit of extra fat and skin and we just reveal the abs that are there.”

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is generally outpatient. Surgeons advise, that if a patient maintains an active lifestyle and diet program, the new six-pack abs should be permanent.

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