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Bras and Breasts – Millennials Want A Natural Look

Bras and Breasts – Millennials Want A Natural Look

Every woman knows the overwhelming feeling of slipping into the perfect-fitting bra; it’s a relief to feel comfort. These days, many younger women no longer crave padding, nor a pushed-up look – they’re after the “barely there” feeling in an undergarment.

That same desire for “less is more” in a bra may be fueling the top request when it comes to breast augmentationnatural, please.

Move Over Padded Bras, Natural is Here

There’s one name in the world of women’s lingerie that has stood the test of time, Victoria’s Secret. The top brand is famous for its sexy models sporting padded, push up bras. That style is losing some of its foothold to a new, more comfortable undergarment trend supported by Millennials and other fashion-minded women who want a different feel.

The bralette is big business, along with the sports bra. They’re marketed as freer, not fuller. The bralette could be just the right answer for women who want some support but don’t want to be weighed down with a heavy bra. Experts say the popularity of the bralette is spilling over into breast augmentation surgery, making women rethink the ideal of a larger bust.

Move over bras for the bralette.

“Definitely over the past couple of years, I’ve seen women want to have a more natural look,” says Dr. Christine Hamori, a board certified plastic surgeon in the Boston. She has noticed a shift taking place toward more natural-looking breast augmentation desires. “Women who like the simplicity, style and the athletic look of the bralette are shifting toward the more demure, natural-looking – and smaller – breast implant.”

Model-ing The Look

So, which came first – the bralette, or the desire for smaller breasts in breast augmentation? Well, it depends who you ask. If you ask a panel of plastic surgeons, most will say the bralette trend is following a shift in attitudes toward a desire for a smaller, more natural breast appearance that began taking shape a few years ago.

Dr. Hamori says her patients usually bring her pictures of their desired end results. She says in the last few years, the photos have been of celebrities and other other newsmakers with a smaller bust. “The photographs they show me of the stars aren’t Pamela Anderson; they roll out Jennifer Anniston, who has a smaller chest.” Hamori says the pictures she often sees also have less volume and a more naturally tapered upper pole. “I think definitely the trend is sort of smaller with a more natural look.”

No matter where it started, it appears the “smaller is better” attitude is here to stay and will continue to influence marketing trends. The Athleisure Attire industry is exploding, with Urban Outfitters and American Eagle all trying to cash in on the desire for smaller breasts. Victoria’s Secret media campaign caters to the younger crowd, with an Instagram hashtag reading #allme. The campaign stresses that natural is sexy.

Define “Natural”

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to breast augmentation or bras. Women know what’s it like to try on a handful of bras, to find one that fits just right. It’s the same for breast augmentation. A woman needs help and direction to find just the right size, shape and natural look to be pleased with the result.

Adios bras - before and after.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a patient to describe what she is looking for in a breast augmentation. “I really like to focus on the look that they want and help them decide if that is augmented or more natural,” says Dr. Ashley Gordon, a board certified plastic surgeon in Austin. Gordon explains when a patient says she wants a “natural” look, that can mean a range of sizes for the best fit. She says there are ways to decide which implant is the right fit. “I think it’s great that we have five different profile looks, because we can match the patients ideal with their body.”

A common mistake, according to experts is selecting an implant that is too large. The new trend to downsize may help eliminate some of those unwanted problems, while creating a beautiful, natural look.

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