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Treat Wrinkles, Lines, and Scars Using ‘Secret RF’ Microneedling

Treat Wrinkles, Lines, and Scars Using ‘Secret RF’ Microneedling

The secret is out –  there’s a new kind of microneedling treatment out getting results, according to seasoned plastic surgery experts. The breakthrough laser technology goes deeper into the skin to deliver skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brooke R. Seckel outlines why ‘Secret RF Microneedling’ is the best anti-aging laser yet.

‘Secret RF’ Microneedling

The secret is revealed and so far its being welcomed as a novel new treatment for wrinkles, lines and surgical scars. Cutera launched Secret RF Microneedling as a new skin tightening treatment earlier this year and since then, it’s been well-received, according to Dr. Brooke Seckel, a plastic surgeon who uses the treatment in his Boston, Massachusetts office. “Secret RF Microneedling is a new skin rejuvenation therapy and is designed to treat patients who have wrinkling lose skin, pigment and is even beneficial for patients who have acne scaring and surgical scaring.”

Seckel says the treatment uses radiofrequency and is a vast improvement over what’s currently available. “It is much better than traditional laser therapies because it is not a surface application.” Seckel says non-surgical therapies are designed to rejuvenate skin by transmitting heat into the deep layers of the skin called the ‘dermis’, but he says Secret RF is different.

What’s the Difference?

A lot of skin rejuvenation treatments exist, but Seckel says the Secret RF Microneedling is groundbreaking. “I think it’s a revolutionary development.” The manufacturer of the device says the secret behind the treatment is the perfectly spaced micro needles that deliver energy radio frequency to the deeper layers of the skin. “It’s a stamping device, so you have 100 little micro needles and it occurs in a fraction of a second,” Seckel says. The device stamps in a square in the indicated are, with the needles moving quickly in and out.

Cutera Secret RF device.

According to Cutera, the procedure helps to remove fine lines, wrinkles and even scars that bother the majority of people who have them, helping to create smoother skin. Seckel agrees the procedure gets rid of what people don’t like using the skin’s own healing power to produce collagen. “It is interesting that patients tried microneedling with just needles and it didn’t do much, well now we are using the microneedling and penetrating the skin and it is doing the most good to get rid of wrinkles and improve pigment and improve scar tissue,” Seckel says.

Microneedling at home.

Added Benefit

The thought of needles scare a lot of people, so dozens of tiny needles piercing the body may sound overwhelming. Seckel says don’t be intimidated. “Surprisingly, it’s very well tolerated because the concept to me sounds like little needles penetrating the skin that must be terrible, but in fact patients tolerate it very well,” says Seckel. He uses a topical anesthetic to numb the area to be treated before the procedure and that is usually enough to make the patient comfortable.

Another added bonus is a relatively short recovery time, according to Seckel. “The first patient I did was one of my staff in the office and I expected that she would be red and looking terrible for 3-4 days and she came back the next day and looked normal.” Seckel, who is very experienced with laser treatment, calls the Secret RF procedure one of the best he’s seen. “To me the concept of delivering energy where it’s needed without worrying about damaging the skin is the most exciting thing.”

He says this is the cutting edge of new development in skin rejuvenation and beyond. “This is the beginning of this technology and I think that five years from now we will be doing something different and they will find different modalities to spread through the skin, using this microneedling technique.”

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