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Looking for the ‘Fountain of Youth’? Try Botox

Looking for the ‘Fountain of Youth’? Try Botox
Botox remains the number one choice for smoother, wrinkle-reduced skin without surgery. It’s fairly easy to imagine why: Botox treatments can be had on your lunch hour relatively pain free, and it won’t cost a fortune.
What’s not to like? It’s the best thing “since sliced bread,” according to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stafford Broumand.

The Brilliance of Botox

There’s a reason why consumers spent more than 2 billion dollars on Botox treatments in 2016, according to industry reports. There were more than 7 million procedures, at about $385 each. The neurotoxin is very popular because it works and isn’t a hassle, saysto Dr. Broumand. “I’ve been using Botox a very long time and it’s been a real evolution in the expansion of it’s use.”


Broumand says the treatment remains popular, even decades after hitting the market, because results are predictable and effective. “It’s the holy grail to keep people looking young and it’s like the fountain of youth, so, if it’s done well, it looks great and keeps you looking great.” Results from Botox don’t last forever, but Broumand says it can stop and even reverse the signs of aging. “Botox is effective on all those telltale signs of aging like – the wrinkles, position of the eyebrow and neck bands.”

Why is Botox so Popular?

Most patients know Botox works, but how does it work? Here’s a little science behind the treatment. Botox is made from the botulinum toxin, which can be very poisonous. It’s produced in two types (A and B). Type A is used for medical purposes, like movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and for cosmetic treatments to minimize facial movement. Broumand says its that formula that really works to create smoother skin.

“Any fine wrinkles that are starting to develop, we can knock them out because we don’t want to blast them out,” says Broumand. In his Botox treatments, Broumand says he creates a treatment plan that minimizes the lines without overusing the Botox. He avoids creating an ‘overdone’ look. “It’s just a spritz, not a blast – so you really have to know what muscles you are trying to impact so you don’t use too much.”

Botox treatment with Dr. Broumand.

Broumand says many times patients feel like they’ve ‘turned back the clock’ and refreshed their look in a way that is youthful and not plastic-looking. “The best compliment that I hear from my patients is that other people will tell them, ‘Your looks just doesn’t change through the years!” and that really means the world to me because then the Botox is working.”

When To Start Botox

There are varying opinions about what decade of life is the best to start Botox treatments. Of course, it varies from patient to patient, but sooner rather than later is perhaps the best opinion, according to Broumand. “If I can get my patients to start in their late 20’s and early 30’s, then we can maintain their look for decades and those muscles that cause the wrinkles are diminished,” according to Broumand.

Botox patient of Dr. Broumand.

He says for women and even men who wait until middle age or even later, it’s possible to get good results – but expect it to take longer. “Women who come in sort of middle age after having kids… it’s something that we have to work on to get them to a state that they like and looks attractive. For women who are beyond that, it’s possible but we have to do it in stages.” Broumand doesn’t like the ‘frozen face’ look, and prefers a natural, subtle look. “My patients will have a little more motion and expression.” He says it’s possible to eliminate the signs of aging and still allow someone the ability to look concerned or surprised.

Botox doesn’t last forever, so there is maintenance required. Be prepared to receive regular injections to keep an area looking natural and youthful. “I tell my patients they will need to come in for regular visits, but it’s that way for almost every beauty treatment, including hair color or even mani/pedi – you have to keep filling up the tank to keep it looking good and functioning properly.”

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