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Should Trends Be Allowed To Influence Plastic Surgery?

Should Trends Be Allowed To Influence Plastic Surgery?

Trends change in fashion, automobiles, technology, art, and even language. Patients should be aware that trends can also change in plastic surgery, but falling prey to the constant whims can be bad for your body, bank account, and even mind. Board certified plastic surgeons discuss how to navigate “trends” in plastic surgery.

Trends in Plastic Surgery

Remember back to the days of the hit TV show Baywatch; actress Pamela Anderson was the “it” celebrity. She helped make really large breast implants super popular. Fast forward a few decades and the show is gone, as well as a trendy desire for over-sized breast augmentation results. The trend today is toward a more moderate or natural look, according to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield. “That’s what women are looking for,” he shares.

During his career, Whitfield has seen trends appear and catch hold, especially with younger people. He thinks people looking for options are influenced by social media. “I think the trends come through celebrities and, now, social media.” He thinks that sometimes the 20-something crowd wants to solve a problem with a fresh approach, and that can be a good idea. “I have more people interested in increasing their breast size, not necessarily with breast implants but with their own tissue,” he explains. “That’s refreshing.”

Social media plastic surgery trends.

Let’s Talk Trends  

Some of the top trends in plastic surgery involve body parts that just a few years ago were considered taboo to even talk about in polite company. Labiaplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, along with the BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift. Along with these procedures, patients want to restore, inject and zap their bodies, making skin tightening and other minimally-invasive procedures among the top trends. “For women, the first thing that goes is the neck, so they want to know what can be done to tighten it,” shares Dr. Whitfield.

Beyond the neck, other areas are popular for skin tightening. “People are also interested in tightening the arms because women (moms) see their flabby arms and they want to get rid of that.” It’s the era of procedures that offer minimal downtime.

Consultation to avoid bad trends.

Some of these could be considered trends, but it’s important not to get fixated on a procedure that could cause problems down the line. “I think it’s silly and fleeting to do something that you may have to unwind,” says Dr. Jason Cooper, a board certified plastic surgeon in Jupiter, Florida. He says many times a patient who picks a procedure based on a trend may end up unhappy with the result. “Five years from now we might have to fix that procedure and do a revision if someone is trying to keep up with the trends.”

Cooper says a better way to approach plastic surgery is through a lens of what you want and what suits your needs. “For instance, if I have a middle-aged woman who lost her husband and wants to improve her facial appearance or her neck, that’s not part of a trend. She wants to look better,” says Cooper. He also reminds patients that some trends are good. Botox has been a popular trend for a long time because it’s extremely effective for many patients in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When something works, it works. For the best information regarding trends and procedures, a thorough consultation with a board certified expert is always the best and final advice.

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