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Why You Should Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

Why You Should Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who opt for breast reduction surgery often feel the weight of the world lifted form their shoulders – literally! Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures to alleviate the medical and aesthetic problems associated with having overly large breasts. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Maman of New York City outlines the reasons why so many women are choosing to downsize their breasts, to spectacular results.

The Decision To Downsize

If you are a woman unhappy with the very large size of your breasts, join a large crowd. Breast reduction surgery is gaining in popularity, according toDr. Maman. “Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States, and also one of the most popular procedures that we perform,” he shares.

He says the procedure removes excess fat, tissue and skin and will help the patient in every facet of life. “Ideal candidates for reduction are women who have very large breasts their entire lives and, as a result, have suffered in many ways, including finding clothing that fits.” Maman says some women decide to reduce because it’s uncomfortable to exercise with large breasts getting in the way of physical activity, while others find it embarrassing to wear a swim suit.

A New Beautiful Shape

Years of heaving around large breasts can take a toll physically and mentally on a woman. Deciding to make a change to a smaller look is no small feat, but Maman says the goal isn’t just to reduce the size of the breasts, it’s to create a beautiful new look. “When I think about breast reduction, I think about not only reduction in the volume of the breast, but think about the importance of getting an aesthetically beautiful breast and for that reason breast reduction is very much a cosmetic breast surgery,” he explains.
Breast reduction results - Dr. Maman.
Maman says his patients can expect an overall more youthful appearance to the breast. “Women can expect breasts that are smaller and positioned higher on the chest, with a more aesthetic looking areola and just more perky in appearance.” He says he works closely with each patient to come up with the right size because many big-breasted women are afraid to go too extreme the other way. “They don’t want to wake up from the procedure and have nothing, so we really try to talk with the patient about the best size and something that will work,” he shares.

The Procedure Women Love

It’s no secret that women who have breast reduction surgery are very happy with the results after the procedure. “We know from multiple studies and results in our office, that breast reduction surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any breast surgery that we do,” shares  Maman. He says that his patients often feel more confident and empowered by their new look as they’re no longer burdened by heavy breasts.

Breast reduction before and after - Maman.

Maman says the procedure takes about three hours and a patient should expect to spend some time in recovery. “The procedure is done in our office and then the patient will spend about an hour in the recovery room before going to a hotel room, or even home if the patient is local.” He says pain is well-controlled. “It’s not that painful, just some tightness in the chest and overall stiffness.”

The rewards aren’t just for the patients; Maman says he feels a great deal of satisfaction after each surgery. “The patients are so happy because they will say that they haven’t looked like this in 25 years, and they also feel so much better – both emotionally and physically.”

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