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Are Criticisms Against Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures Legitimate?

Are Criticisms Against Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures Legitimate?

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures – specifically labiaplasty – continue to skyrocket in popularity. According the Thee American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, labiaplasty has grown 52.8% in the last 4 years. Whether it’s for form or function or both, there is no sign of slowing for this burgeoning area of rejuvenation.

That said, not all have positive things to say. In the latest PSC Uncut, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Indianapolis, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech of New York City, and Dr. Christine Hamori of Boston discuss vaginal rejuvenation criticisms and whether or not they are valid, especially as they compare to the positive stories they hear from their own patients.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Criticisms

“I think the negative feedback has been coming from the gynecologists,” shares Dr. Hamori. “They feel that this area is naturally maturing with menopause and natural to have labia that are showing.” While this criticism isn’t necessarily wrong, Dr. Hamori, herself a specialist in vaginal rejuvenation procedures, sees too many positives that outweigh what is “natural.” “I think women don’t want to look like that anymore,” she continues. “There’s no hair, they want to be sexy, they have nice breasts, why can’t you have a nice labia?”

While the length of labia minora is an entirely natural situation many women find themselves in, it still is cause for personal concern. The aesthetics and function of the labia actually tend to go hand-in-hand. While longer-than-average labia may not be problematic on their own, it can cause problems with physical activities (think riding horses, cycling). Additionally, long labia can “print” through tight clothing like yoga pants and leggings, a distraction almost every woman would prefer to avoid.


Like any other surgery, it’s always going to depend who you go to because the procedures could cause unwanted issues greater than before anything was done. Drs. Steinbrech and Hamori both believe that this isn’t a problem with the procedures, but rather with who is doing it, and how much they’re doing. “There are risks when you do a labiaplasty,” says Hamori. “You don’t want to take off too much of the labia, you don’t want to leave someone really dry or disfigured. We want to keep it natural and functional.”

Vaginal rejuvenation - Dr. Hamori before and after.

Would-Be Patients Shouldn’t be Shy!

Since the procedures have to deal with the most private area of the body, women are hesitant to go in and seek them out. Whether it’s from embarrassment or because they think that maybe it isn’t worth the trouble, Dr. Steinbrech says that they just shouldn’t be shy with something that’s becoming very normal, and ultimately very helpful.

“I think we should tell the patients out there, you can’t be shy!” he says. “You have to go into your doctor and you have to ask them about it. And just like every other surgery, you have to go with someone who really knows it well – both the non-invasives and the surgeries. You have to ask for before and after photos, just like any other procedure!”

Whether it’s just for aesthetics, or for more functional improvement like internal tightening that helps stress urinary incontinence and even orgasm, vaginal rejuvenation procedures are here to stay. They offer a new lease on something women once thought was an aspect of aging that cannot be changed. In the right hands, vaginal procedures are worthy of all of the hype they continue to receive.

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