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What Woman Want, Aesthetically

What Woman Want, Aesthetically

What do woman want? This is a question that has plagued writers (and countless men) throughout history. When it comes to plastic surgery, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Anu Bajaj of Oklahoma City, OK and Dr. Dustin Reid of Austin, TX say there is a pretty simple answer. Women want to feel confident.

Woman want to know that when they walk into a room, they own it. This may mean turning back the clock with Botox or adding a bit more volume to the breasts with a breast augmentation. While social media certainly has the power to make a specific procedure popular, this does not mean that whatever is trending is going to make you feel good. The right procedure for boosting and restoring confidence is always going to depend on the individual patient.

Botox is a Powerful Ally for Women

While the right procedure for a woman will always depend on individual anatomy, lifestyle, and goals, there are certain universal trends. Perhaps the most common (and haunting) is wrinkling of the facial skin. Unfortunately, females tend to “age” faster than men, meaning that lines and wrinkles begin to appear sooner. Especially for females who are very expressive, wrinkles can start to become permanent in the mid to late 20s. 30 year old females who take care of themselves physically and mentally – often nowadays having careers and pushing marriage back some – do not want to see wrinkles already showing in their prime.

Botox is a Powerful Ally for Women

Thankfully, this is where the magical compound Botox comes in. It works by temporarily immobilizing the dynamic muscles on the face that cause wrinkles. This allows the surface skin in the treatment area to relax and become smooth,  diminishing any of the fine lines and wrinkles that are often the first sign of aging. It’s positive outcomes are only cemented by the fact that it is the most popular non-surgical procedure for both men and women. Better yet, if a woman uses Botox for 3 years, then that means her wrinkles were put on pause for 3 years. Instead of 3 years of becoming deeper and more permanent, they were completely stalled, meaning that even if she discontinues use of Botox, she saved herself 3 years of facial movements that deepen wrinkles. Millions testify that this is a powerful ally in defeating early aging.

Rejuvenating the Chest for Youthfulness

When it comes to a deeper, surgical rejuvenation, breast surgery options may offer the most to a still young woman. Especially following pregnancies, breast surgery procedures afford a population of women with different physiques and aging rates rejuvenation via shape. For example, breast reduction is often considered by many plastic surgeons one of the most significantly positive procedures a woman could undergo. Even young women struggle with over-sized breasts; a reduction in their 20s could significantly improve their physical abilities and confidence. Likewise, a breast lift following pregnancies restores a woman back to her youth, another extremely potent dose of confidence and thus self-esteem.


For these same reasons, primary breast augmentation remains the most popular aesthetic surgical procedure in the world. Increasing and/or restoring an appropriate amount of volume to the breasts has the power to transform the entire torso, since it all really comes down to proportion. Having breasts that balance out the hips will make the waist look smaller and the abdomen look flatter. The key to a successful breast augmentation is to choose the right size implants for you. This is going to depend on your specific anatomy as the width of any breast implant has to fit within the width of your chest wall.

Are There Regional Differences?

Confidence may be individual, but is what a woman wants in Atlanta, for example, significantly different than what a woman wants in Mission Viejo? Dr. Reid and Dr. Bajaj both practice in the middle of the country. “In terms of a look, there may be different looks on different coasts compared to the Midwest,” shares Dr. Bajaj. “I think the universal thing is that feeling of confidence, and that translates wherever you live.” Furthermore, she finds that women tend to self-select. Dr. Bajaj is a confident and fit woman who wants to succeed both in her career as a surgeon and as an athlete. This translates into a look, and her patients are thus drawn to this aesthetic. “I think the patient comes to me and sees that and that’s the look they want,” she mentions.

Bottom line? “Each woman wants the look that is going to make her feel good,” concludes Dr. Reid.

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