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FDA Regulates Botox Marketing

FDA Regulates Botox Marketing

FDA regulates plenty already, but they are now trying to tell drug company Allergan not to market Botox as a treatment for certain spasms.

botoxThe company that produces Botox is trying to prevent the Food and Drug Administration from telling them how to market their product. Right now, Botox is approved for treating eye muscle problems and neck pain, in addition to smoothing wrinkles.

But, the FDA is reportedly trying to prevent drug company Allergan from also advertising Botox as a treatment for arm and leg spasms. Such use is not yet regulated.

Still, company representatives said Allergan would file a court order allowing it to release information about proper dosage and injection techniques regarding these unregulated muscle treatments.

Earlier this year, the FDA ordered Allergan to increase the box label warnings about the side effects of Botox, which can include muscle weakness.

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