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Plastic Surgery Trends for 2020

Plastic Surgery Trends for 2020

The popularity of plastic surgery continues to soar and there’s no indication that will change in 2020. The new year is expected to offer exciting new procedures and products that will streamline the process and produce better results, according to plastic surgery experts. There’s plenty to look forward to in the world of plastic surgery in 2020.

Fresh and Natural

For the coming year, natural will continue to be the sought after look in plastic surgery, according to experts. “I think most of my patients are wanting more of a natural look, and this goes from top to bottom,” said Dr. Anu Bajaj, a board certified plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dr. Bajaj says her patients no longer want a complete ‘overhaul.’ Instead most want a subtle transformation that’s more like a breath of fresh air. “My patients come in for facial features like fillers, facelifts or neck lifts, and they all tell me that that they don’t want that overfilled or overdone look. They just don’t want to look fake,” said Bajaj.

A natural look.

Dr. Bajaj thinks it will be the same for women requesting breast augmentation this year. She expects patients will want a natural-looking outcome that is often achieved with smaller implants. “Most of my patients who come in for augmentation want to look natural,” she shares. “They don’t want people to be staring at their chest.”

The Year of the Device

This year could be a big one for innovative products and devices related to plastic surgery. “I think we’re going to start seeing more non-invasive devices that are actually a lot more effective,” said Dr. Christine Hamori, a board certified plastic surgeon in Boston, Massachusetts. Hamori is seeing more choices being offered to tighten and tone skin, melt fat and fight cellulite. “I think we’ve come full circle with devices. We were burning people and it was sometimes very painful,” she details. “Now, we have technology where we realize the depth of the skin and how to attack and how frequently the procedures should be done.”

Using non-invasive devices for cellulite.

The latest devices offer more convenience and in some cases better results for patients. “We are fine tuning many processes to have less recovery and more results for the patient,” said Hamori.

Skin Tightening

You can expect skin tightening to continue to be one of the top procedures of 2020. The popular procedure is one of the fastest growing treatments to tone and tighten the appearance of lax or creepy skin on the face, neck and body. Dr. Bruce Van Natta, a board certified plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana, thinks this year new devices will make the procedure even more popular. “We have at least three products on the market that will do skin tightening and they continue to come up with variations on those devices,” said Van Natta.

He says tightening can often postpone the need for a surgical procedure for months, possibly years. “We are just going to see new changes to come that are so exciting for patients,” said Van Atta. “That’s certainly worth celebrating all year long.”

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