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Male Call: CoolSculpting is Hot For Men

Male Call: CoolSculpting is Hot For Men

Women aren’t the only ones who are looking to improve their physical looks; guys look in the mirror, too! They also grow increasingly aware and then tired of the wrinkles, the fine lines, and, of course, the bulges. Even consistent gym work and diet will eventually fall short to certain fat pockets and areas that just seem like they’re stuck that way for good. With even more responsibilities in aging adulthood, men love the idea of “taking care of it” with liposuction, but is it really that big of a deal? Are small love handles and some fat on the abdomen really worth it? Many men might say it’s not worth it, but they haven’t yet heard of CoolSculpting.

Unlike liposuction, a surgical procedure that almost always requires general anesthesia and recovery, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure aimed at reducing small problem areas of fat. Because there are no scalpels, anesthesia, nor needles, patients can come in and receive the procedure oftentimes on a lunch break. This is the kind of cosmetic treatment that men are after, and CoolSculpting in particular is proving its worth with significant results.

Why Guys like Coolsculpting

Women for a long time seemed to “monopolize” plastic and cosmetic surgery, making it seem a feminine thing to take part it. Over time, men have grown curious about the same aesthetic ailments – even the most masculine man’s man – but felt like it wasn’t a domain they were supposed to walk. CoolSculpting is one of, if not the procedure to change all of that.

More and more men are showing up at medical spas to reduce fat bulges in tricky areas. “[CoolSculpting] definitely helps to hit those problem areas,” shares Shahil Majmudar, a patient of the procedure. “A lot of guys would benefit from this.” Recently, Majmudar checked into AYA Medical Spa in Dallas for his second round of CoolSculpting. His desire is to trim away at his lumpy stomach area. Shahil says his busy work schedule as an IT consultant impacts his ability to exercise.

“It’s really hard for me because I work out four to five times each week. I travel a lot for work and that makes it difficult to get my diet right, so I have this stubborn area on my stomach right now.” Shahil says he liked the result of CoolSculpting on his flank area and he’s hoping to see the same results on his stomach. “I know this is exactly what I need to feel good about my midsection,” said Shahil.

Shahil admits it did feel a bit awkward at first stepping into a medical spa, which is typically female territory, but he says now it feels comfortable and rewarding because the treatment is effective. More and more men are apparently feeling the same way. The stigmas are fading for men and they’re using medical spas more for treatments like CooSculpting, and then others, like Botox.

“CoolSculpting is now up to seven million treatments and that’s no coincidence. It really does work,” said Anitha Mathew, a physician’s assistant at AYA Medical Spa. Mathew says in the past, patients would come in asking if it worked, and now they come in seeking repeat procedures because they are sure it works. “They know that it is effective,” she shares.

Marketing To Men

CoolSculpting’s success has been growing steadily since it’s introduction a few years ago, especially considering that the company has effectively improved the technology over time. For example, the time it takes to have a treatment has been reduced by upgraded technology. “Now, the time frame has been cut down to about 35 minutes per area that is being treated,” said Mathew. She indicates that some men like to use a quick work break, even the lunch hour, to squeeze in a treatment. “It’s very quick. A patient can come into AYA and get a CoolSculpting treatment done in an hour during their break,” says Matthews.

Stepped up marketing campaigns from CoolSculpting now reach men during television commercials for the MLB Network and during NFL games. Men are starting to learn that options do exist to deal with stubborn fat that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise and rigid dieting. “People do need to know about this,” said Shahil. “It doesn’t take too much time out of your day and you get better results than a month of dieting and working out every day.” Shahil is excited to see his full results in about six weeks and is already planning another procedure. “It’s just too cool,” he shares. “I’ll definitely do more.”

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