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Move Over Hollywood – Regular Guys Want Plastic Surgery, Too

Move Over Hollywood – Regular Guys Want Plastic Surgery, Too

Looking young is as important as ever in today’s society. The difference now? Maintaining youth with plastic surgery – both surgical and non-surgical – is more effective than it’s ever been. And not only females are taking notice.

For many and varying reasons, men are turning to cosmetic surgery to keep their appearance in line with how they feel inside. It may be to stay competitive in the workforce or to heat up the bedroom, but plastic surgery is on the radar for more men than ever who want to look and feel their best.

It Isn’t Just for Actors and Models

For the last two decades, those beautiful Hollywood hunks with masculine, but youthful faces have been utilizing one of medicine’s most powerful  group of new anti-aging tools – Botox and fillers. The combination can erase and lighten wrinkles and fine lines, all while plumping sunken cheeks to mask decades of wear and tear off of a middle-aged face. Part of the appeal is the lack of surgery involved (and the lowered cost that comes with it!). Now, men from all walks are realizing that cosmetic surgery delivers results through these non-surgical methods, even creating an environment where they’ve become curious about surgical procedures, too.

This can be especially important for men working in the public eye, according to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Q. Cook. “Certain occupations who are in the public eye – people in the media, people in the courtroom, attorneys and also people in advertising – know that they must maintain a good look,” says Cook.

Cook says he is seeing a surge in the number of men seeking plastic surgery at his Chicago-based practice. He says many of them are in high-profile careers or professions where image is very important to maintain a competitive edge. “These are industries where there can be a tendency to get rid of someone if they look older, so it’s important to look youthful,” says Cook.

Men – By the Numbers

The numbers paint a lively picture when it comes to men and plastic surgery. It’s compelling to look at those dramatic increases in Botox injections among men in the last couple of decades. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox injections for men have quadrupled for men since 2000. Men are also turning to fillers, which have increased by 99 percent in the same time period. In 2017, men received about 1.3 million cosmetic procedures total.

Men and Plastic Surgery - Statistics.

Many of the procedures that men want are the so-called ‘non-invasive’ cosmetic procedures, which isn’t surprising to Dr. Robert Whitfield, a board certified plastic surgeon in Austin. Whitfield says minimally-invasive procedures are a big draw for men. “I see more men interested in non-invasive and the minimally-invasive right now,” shares Whitfield.

The Future Looks Bright

Whitfield says he expects the plastic surgery market for men to continue to skyrocket with new techniques, procedures and products being offered. He says barriers have also disappeared, allowing men to feel comfortable seeking cosmetic surgery. “The taboo is gone, so men aren’t embarrassed anymore,” explains Whitfield. “I think that will continue to grow with more men seeking plastic surgery.”

In addition to surgery, men are paying more attention to medical-grade skincare, another facet of anti-aging that has seen technological boosts in recent years. As always, the more science and research discover, the more and better ways we can age gracefully and stay young. Men, it would most certainly seem, are now on board.

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