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Why Men are Embracing Plastic Surgery

Why Men are Embracing Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery is trending up, way up. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were over 1.3 million aesthetic procedures performed on men last year. While this includes both surgical and non-surgical modalities, it is a big number, one that only seems to be heading further up. Guesses as to why? For one, we’re all living longer and working longer.

It is important for many men to stay competitive at the office. Oftentimes, men are working alongside colleagues who are decades younger, and no one likes to look or feel as if they can’t keep up. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Namnoum of Atlanta, GA discusses how judiciously done aesthetic procedures can help men to look and feel their best, keeping them vital in the workplace and beyond.

Aesthetic Procedures Help Men Stay Competitive at Work

More and more men are making appointments to see a plastic surgeon. “We’re getting older,” says Dr. Namnoum and “men want to stay in the game”. If you’re a man of a certain age, there comes a day when you look around the office and you see nothing but a sea of younger colleagues. It can be disheartening, perhaps even taking a toll on self-esteem.

But there is also a practical consideration. Many men are working in fields that are quite cut-throat, and even some where age and wisdom are not always a virtue. In order to remain vital, it’s important to look and feel your best.

Self-esteem and men.

Achieving this can be hard as time marches on. Many patients comes in saying that they don’t play basketball with the guys anymore because it hurts their knees, or that it’s embarrassing when they can’t hit the golf ball as far as the younger guys at work. It can make a man feel expendable. The best news is for the majority of these issues, a correction – and a simple one at that – is not only possible, but readily available.

See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The first step for any patient who is not loving his or her reflection in the mirror is to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. You want to find someone with the expertise, training and skill-set to deliver exemplary results. Being board certified means that a plastic surgeon has undergone extensive training and testing; it is a mark of excellence. For men in particular, you also want someone who is judicious. Men never want to look “done”; it is paramount that any result be subtle and completely natural-looking.

CoolSculpting for Men

Some of the most popular procedures for men are body contouring procedures. Like women, men tend to accumulate fat with age, but get it in different places, especially around the tummy. Oftentimes, no amount of eating right or exercising can reduce that rubber tire around the middle. Luckily, there are both non-surgical and surgical options for treating stubborn pockets of fat.

Since men, in general, have a lower tolerance for muss and fuss than women, they like non-surgical procedures such as CoolSculpting. The non-surgical procedure works by freezing fat cells in the treatment area. Over time, these destroyed fat cells are eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.

CoolSculpting for gynecomastia.

The procedure is fast and pain free with little to no downtime and patients can return to work immediately. Immediately as in directly after the procedure. The one downside is it does take more than one treatment spaced about 8 weeks apart to see your results, so patience is a must.

Liposuction for Men

Liposuction, on the other hand, is a one and done, due to how much a surgeon can achieve during a surgical procedure. During liposuction, a plastic surgeon will make a series of small incisions in the treatment area. He or she will then take a cannula and insert it through these small holes to remove excess fat and completely re-sculpt the treatment area.

One of the greatest things about liposuction is its versatility. It can be used in almost any area where excess fat accumulates, such as the:

  • chest
  • waist
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • back
  • arms
  • chin

Liposuction does require some downtime. Patients will also need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to reduce swelling and speed along the healing process. Some men find this to be a total turnoff while for others, it’s a small price to pay for a more youthful looking body contour.


Men past the age 50 have an overwhelming propensity to accumulate fat in their chest. The condition isn’t just fat, but rather an overgrowth of breast tissue, known medically as gynecomastia. While it can occur at any age, there’s a severe uptick once men hit middle age. “No man likes to have boobs,” says Dr. Namnoum.

Sometimes, the gynecomastia is due to excess fat in the chest while other times, it’s because of excess breast tissue and fat. Some patients will need to have skin removed while others will not. Bottom line, there are a myriad of treatment options that can be tailored to your individual needs depending on the degree of fat and/or tissue that you have. Treatment for gynecomastia is extremely effective, and it does wonders for a man’s self-confidence.

Gynecomastia patient - Dr. Namnoum.

Facial Rejuvenation and Injectables

While no man wants to look older, men are adverse to the idea of surgical intervention on the face. Thankfully, there are many options for reversing the signs of aging non-surgically. These include:

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Kybella
  • lasers
  • skin care

Men never want to look “done” or over-feminized, but in the hands of a skilled surgeon, this should not happen. “Changing the equation so that you can be competitive with anyone is very important,” says Dr. Namnoum. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. These days, vanity can be a very positive thing.

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