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Botox Fillers Providence Rhode Island

Botox Fillers Providence Rhode Island

botox and facial fillers


Botox vs. Fillers. Providence, Rhode Island Plastic Surgery Channel expert and Chair of the Facial section of the for, – Patrick Sullivan, MD, discusses the differences between Botox and Fillers.


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What is the difference between botox and fillers and how are they used around the eye?

Whether you use Botox or Fillers typically depends on the types of wrinkles you have and the contours of the face.  Botox (botulinum toxin) is a muscle relaxer so if you have creases or wrinkles related to how the underlying muscle moves (also called dynamic wrinkles); Botox would be the best choice.  Botox applied to these regions temporarily causes the muscles to be less active and thus wrinkles and creases appear to be less evident.  Botox is most often used on the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Collagen “fill-in” deeper creases that are apparent on the face even when the underlying muscles are not moving.  These are referred to as static wrinkles.  Another way to think about it is if creases are visible at rest and not made worse by squinting or other facial movement, then fillers are preferable.   Static wrinkles result as the skin ages due to loss of elasticity and fullness.  Dermal fillers can help eliminate these types of wrinkles by adding volume to the dermal layer. This plumps up the tissue, returns it to a more youthful appearance by pushing out the creases.  In some cases a combination of the two is needed to smooth away both static and dynamic wrinkles.  With so many different factors to consider, it’s important to discuss your treatment options in a consultation with physician who will be treating you.

Do these procedures hurt?

Botox and fillers are applied in a way that patients do not find to be uncomfortable.  The targeted areas are numbed up with a topical anesthesia agent first.  After the injections are applied, cooling is placed on the areas which makes the the overall procedure not an uncomfortable one.  We then put cooling on the areas after the procedure, so that it is not an uncomfortable experience.

Finally, it is very important that a board-certified plastic surgeon perform all Botox and filler injections.

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Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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