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When Plastic Surgery Goes Right: Why Good Plastic Surgery is Hard to “See”

When Plastic Surgery Goes Right: Why Good Plastic Surgery is Hard to “See”

If you search the internet, you’ll find too many examples of ‘botched’ plastic surgery, like lips with too much filler and gigantic breast implants. While these are the images that the public conjure when thinking of plastic surgery, they absolutely are not the norm. In the right hands, most successful plastic surgery procedures are actually not noticeable, or rather an improvement is noticed but there are no clues that would lead someone to think surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons share why exactly that is.

Subtle is Good

One sign of really good plastic surgery is when people have to ask, “did she or didn’t she?” If the answer isn’t a definite yes, that’s a good thing! Take the Hollywood example of actress Christina Ricci: There is debate about whether she did or didn’t have a rhinoplasty. Ricci’s “new” nose is more narrowed and defined. Most would say the results are simply stunning, but still subtle.

Good plastic surgery - Christina Ricci.

If you run down the list of A-List movie stars, you will find plenty of good examples of starlets who nipped and tucked just a little bit to improve on their appearance with plastic surgery. The end result is so good that it’s impossible to detect any “work” at all. Experts say that is what good plastic surgery is all about. “Good plastic surgery isn’t seen and results should be subtle and elegant,” says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Smith of Charlotte.

He says the key to getting a good result is often small steps over time. “Plastic surgery has become a field of maintenance where we are doing smaller procedures earlier and getting nicer results that are less dramatic just to stave off the appearance of aging,” he shares.

Good Plastic Surgery Starts Young

Another important step toward a good plastic surgery outcome is starting before you look in the mirror and it scowls back at you. If you start early with smaller procedures, it can really pay off, according to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jim Namnoum. He points to actress Jennifer Anniston as a good example of someone who started early and has maintained a lovely appearance. “She’s a beautiful woman who has made very subtle and successful changes.”

Good plastic surgery - Jennifer Aniston.

Namnoum says take small steps starting in the early 30’s (or even earlier) by using a neurotoxin treatment like Botox or Dysport. These products can help stymie the aging process at a time when surgical treatment is overkill. He says small tweaks over big overhauls are the best way to achieve a good result. “Small, thoughtful, well-crafted solutions, can work out well for someone.”

The Best Compliment

Overall, experts say the true test of a good outcome may be if even your best friend has no clue that you’ve had something done. You will look better and radiate confidence, but only you may know  the true story behind the change. It just may be the best compliment of all to receive no feedback about a great procedure, according to Manhattan-based, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Maman.

Good plastic surgery is hardly noticeable.

“Particularly in Manhattan, when you go into nice restaurants or attend parties and you see older women or even men looking rejuvenated, that’s how you know they have had good plastic surgery,” he explains. Even with his expert eye, he often has a very difficult time singling out who has recently been under the knife. He looks for people who look natural and rejuvenated with a few years under their belt and that’s how he knows it’s good plastic surgery. “They just look refreshed.”

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