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Can Breast Augmentation Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Can Breast Augmentation Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem?

There are many reasons why a woman decides to get a breast augmentation. Some want to get their pre-pregnancy breasts back, others just want their breasts to have any volume. Some want to correct a natural “deformity,” others just want bigger breasts, period! All of these women want to feel more proportional to the rest of their body, something that is important whether clothes are on or off.

Whatever the reason, women often find it isn’t just their physical appearance that changes with a breast augmentation, but their confidence.

Curves and Confidence

They may be referred to as the “curvy and proud” crowd of celebrities – names like Britney Spears and Carmen Electra. Plenty of Hollywood starlets admit they have used plastic surgery to enhance their bustline. Breast augmentation is no longer considered a plastic surgery procedure that has to be “kept secret.” Many women feel empowered changing their look. “Breast implants are incredibly powerful,” shares Dr. Kristi Hustak. “They can change your life, and I don’t mean that in a cavalier way. I mean that very robustly.”

Deciding on Breast Augmentation Implants

Hustak is a board certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, where a large portion of her clientele is female. She sees first-hand the impact breast augmentation can have on a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. Hustak says many times it begins with helping to make clothing fit better. “I think how you fit in your clothes makes a big difference in how you feel.”

Hustak maintains that for many of her clients, it isn’t about wanting large breasts that will draw attention. “This isn’t about everyone wanting stripper boobs,” she explains. “It’s about fitting in your clothes just a little better.”

Body Image Boost

Researchers want to know why there seems to be a link between breast implants and a boost in confidence. At the University of Florida, researchers questioned 84 women before and after having breast implants. According to reports, the results showed a sharp spike in self-esteem after surgery. 80 percent of the women reported feeling more confident and attractive after getting a breast augmentation operation. Hustak wasn’t surprised by the results.

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“Your breasts are part of your femininity,” she shares. “I think it’s your decision as a woman whether that is important to you.” It’s a very personal decision to get a breast augmentation, and not every woman is the same. Experts agree that a boost in self-esteem or a desire for more confidence shouldn’t be the primary reason to seek out breast implants. However, plastic surgeons can agree it’s a wonderful bonus.

A Bolder Approach

Many women use plastic surgery as a launch pad to make changes in other areas of their life, including career, fitness and even in romance. The procedure can enhance beauty and give a women a new sense of femininity and attractiveness, which can translate into bold self-confidence. “These ladies come [into my office] and I go room to room and I get to hear their stories,” said Dr. Bruce Van Natta, a board certified plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Van Natta calls it the “best part of his week” when he makes rounds and gets to hear from patients settling into their new look after breast augmentation. He says typically the conversations are about improved body image.

“They will be talking about how they are more confident and are wearing things they would never wear before, like a t-shirt with no bra,” he shares. “One woman talked about how her husband says she walks around naked a lot more!” Van Natta says some women who experience an overwhelming change after having a breast augmentation are often those who are trying to restore their appearance after childbirth.

Often in plastic surgery the “internal rewards” are overlooked. Whether it’s a eyelid surgery, a tummy tuck, or a breast augmentation, patients and surgeons know it’s not just about making a physical change to boost attractiveness. There is an array of positive benefits afforded the brain, namely self-esteem, confidence, and a new-found desire to sit up a bit straighter and live more fully. “People say this is the best thing they’ve ever done,” says Van Natta.


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